The Rotary Hearing Foundation

Imagine not being able to hear your favourite song or the sound of a loved one’s voice. 

For over 400,000 BC residents who suffer from severe hearing loss, that’s a reality – one that our Hearing Foundation is working to change.



raised for the research, restorative care, and recovery of patients with Hearing Loss



life-changing Cochlear Implant surgeries performed 


years of advocating for BC’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Communities 

I once struggled and gave in to isolation, but now have so many of the amazing sounds of life restored to me, most importantly the voices of family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers.”

-Claire, cochlear implant recipient

For over 40 years, the Rotary Club of Vancouver’s Hearing Foundation has provided life-changing care for children and adults with hearing disorders. From funding Canada’s first-ever Cochlear Implant surgery in 1982, to completing over 770 surgeries and committing $6 million dollars to revolutionize patient care, our mission to bring back the sounds of life guides us in all we do.

BC Rotary Hearing and Balance Centre

The Hearing Foundation has committed $6 million for the creation of a new Hearing and Balance Centre at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. By offering cutting-edge options for testing, diagnostics, and research all in one place, the Centre will revolutionize care for BC patients with hearing loss.

Rotary Hearing Clinics

Along with funding the Hearing and Balance Centre at St. Paul’s and over 750  life-changing Cochlear Implant surgeries, the Foundation has established the Hearing Centre at UBC, and supported the work of BC Children’s Hospital’s Hearing and Speech Centre, BC Family Hearing Resource Centre, Vancouver Community College and the Hearing Foundation of Canada.

Rotary Ride for Hearing

Our action-packed annual biking event has raised over $3.8 million for the research, treatment, and care of hearing disorders since it first began in 1985. Set your wheels in motion for a great cause by registering individually, joining a team, or sponsoring a rider today. 

With your help we’ve been able to restore the ability to hear to over 700 patients and counting. Learn more about the important work funded by this foundation.

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