The Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation

Originally founded in 1950 as the Oscar Olsen Rotary Foundation, it has been modernized in 1969 and 1998 to keep current with the changing needs of the Rotary Club of Vancouver.



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“I remember listening to someone who was positively impacted by some of our programs in the Downtown East Side. She was so grateful and the conversation had such an emotional effect on me.”

– Wayne Fraser

About the foundation

With a focus on international and community service programs, the Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation has been making an impact in the world since July 2nd, 1998 because of donors like you. 100% of the funds raised are distributed to projects helping people, both locally and abroad.

Formed in 1969 to receive, hold, invest or reinvest contributions from donors or fund-raising projects and distribute funds for the inauguration, maintenance, and support of charitable institutions within the Province of BC. As of March 31, 2022, the capital fund totalled $2.9 million.

The fund provides the Club with a constant source of funds for distribution to support the programs that are important to our Club and gives the Club a level of fiscal stability enjoyed by very few service clubs. Tax receipts are available for any donations made to this foundation. Interest income, capital gains and dividends are the primary sources of income.

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Help us by making a donation to the Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation today.  If your donation is made on line you can immediately receive an Official Receipt  from  CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada) which will process your donation for the Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation.






The Oscar Olsen Award

The Oscar Olsen Award celebrates generous donations to the Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation. It is named after Oscar Olsen, who joined the Vancouver Rotary Club in 1913 when the club was only 3 months old. In 1950 he bequeathed a $100,000 donation to create the ‘Oscar A. Olsen Rotary Foundation’, which in 1998 became the Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation. The proceeds of Oscar Olsen’s initial donation continue to support projects today. As this foundation grows, so does our ability to help more people through our projects.

A Glimpse Into Our History

The Vancouver IceCapades

The Vancouver IceCapades was a long running and much beloved fundraiser of the Vancouver Rotary Club. The proceeds from this event have helped to grow the foundation significantly.

Our Local Impact Today

Emergency Supplies

We work with the Vancouver School Board and Parent Advisory Committees to provide emergency food and school supplies to designated primary schools.

Relief Agencies

We help agencies to provide

  • Relief to the homeless population
  • Safe shelters for women at risk
  • Refugee resettlements
  • Provide treatment for drug and alcohol abuse

..and more!


We have provided over $300,000 towards funding scholarships for students in financial need, to pursue post secondary education. This has aided almost 100 students to continue their studies in higher education.

School Supplies

During Covid interruptions to school attendance we provided over $30,000 worth of computer and school supplies to primary school students. This enabled over 25 students to continue their studies and learning when the cost of a computer was beyond their families resources.

Beyond our local community, the Vancouver Rotary Foundation and members of the Rotary Club of Vancouver support the work of the Rotary Foundation (Canada) in co-ordination with The Rotary Foundation.

Ways to give

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Leave a Legacy

Leave a lasting impact. Contact us about Planned Giving.

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