“We train leaders”

Members of Rotary have access to many unique opportunities to develop their personal and professional skills. One of the skills we prioritize is Leadership.

Opportunities to be a leader

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)

RLI is a 3-part leadership training course offered to Rotarians full of interactive courses and workshops revolving around leadership skills. The topics covered during RLI include leadership, team building, Rotary beyond the club, running meetings, and so much more. Participants who complete the 3 day training receive certification and frequently return to the club inspired with new connections, confidence and fresh ideas!

Business Mentorship

Rotary offers internal mentorship opportunities in addition to online and external leadership training. Every member in our club has a unique skillset and lifestyle that is invaluable to share with others, as either a mentor or mentee – or both. We support each other’s professional development and career goals through leadership as a mentor.  

Opportunities to mentor a leader

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

RYLA is a multi day camp-style leadership event for youth in high school and university. It is often attended by Interact and Rotaract members, but is open to all youth interested in gaining leadership skills and meeting new friends. For our Rotary members, this is a great chance to connect with youth and share their life, work, or leadership advice with them in the form of interactive training. This is a great opportunity for our Rotary club member’s to gain leadership and mentorship experience outside of their regular jobs, and inspire youth in the process.

Sponsoring Youth Clubs

Youth are our future. Our club sponsors 3 local Interact and Rotaract Clubs: the Sir Winston Churchill Interact Club, Rotaract Club of Vancouver UBC, and Vancouver Young Professionals. Our goal is to provide our sponsored clubs with funds to participate in unique Rotary opportunities and events, and support them in their projects and endeavours.

Leadership within the Club

There are many opportunities within the club to practice your leadership skills. Attend a meeting to learn more.