Community Service Committee

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The Community Service Committee is for the community – we implement projects that positively impact our neighbours, friends, and community members. Our objective is to provide financial and hands-on assistance to underprivileged and minority groups in the Greater Vancouver Area, with an emphasis on projects that assist people in improving their lives rather than simply dispensing assistance.

Community Service Committee Projects

Food on the Corner

Easter Seal Rappelling

Naloxone Training

BC Bereavement Helpline

Decoda Literacy


Signal Hill

ODD Squad

Odd Squad Partnership

“It is Better to Prevent than Heal”

The Rotary Club of Vancouver began a partnership with the Odd Squad Foundation in 2021 to support youth at risk in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Odd Squad Productions delivers prevention programs for youth in the Lower Mainland, throughout BC, and across Canada.

Using a combination of reality-based educational programs, documentary films,  presentations, peer-to-peer workshops, and physical literacy, they strive to help  guide today’s youth through difficult personal and social issues such as gang  recruitment and involvement, drug use and addiction

Food on the Corner

Food on the Corner is an ongoing volunteer effort that provides hot soup, sandwiches, and coffee to the homeless every Saturday to the homeless in the Downtown Eastside.  

Ping Pong Table

Working through challenges, we were able to provide a much used Ping Pong table in Kits beach.