P.O. Box 48358, Bentall Centre
Vancouver, BC V7X 1A1
Vol 104 No. 46
Wayne Fraser, President
Nadja Gehriger, Secretary

CLUB DAY! Last one of the 2021-22 Rotary year.


Jenna Wray, Engagement Coordinator,
Centre for Suicide Prevention

Based in Calgary, the Centre for Suicide Prevention is an education centre of excellence. A branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, they are educators. For 40 years, they have been equipping Canadians with the information, knowledge and skills necessary to respond to people considering suicide. They offer education online, in print, and interactively. With a library of over 45,000 suicide-specific items, they have the largest English-language collection of its kind.

Digitalization of Healthcare
DATE: Wednesday June 15, 2022
TIME: 6-8:30 p.m.
COST: Rotarians $30.00; Guests $40.00
WHERE: Hydra Estiatorio, 475 Howe St., Vancouver
DISCUSSION TOPICS: Digitalization of Healthcare

LOCATION right here downtown Vancouver

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WHAT: District Governor, John Berry's, installation to office

DATE: June 21, 2022

TIME: 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.

COST: $75.00 per person, cash bar available

WHERE:  Inn at the Quay, 900 Quayside Drive, New Westminster

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John Berry


37th Rotary Ride for Hearing
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Community Service Committee meeting (contact
Jun 14, 2022 1:30 PM
Ride for Hearing committee meeting
Swissreal office
Jun 14, 2022 1:45 PM
Business Networking Social
Hydra Estiatorio, The Cabana
Jun 15, 2022 6:00 PM
International Service Committee meeting (contact
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Jun 15, 2022 7:15 PM
Food on the Corner
Jun 18, 2022 11:00 AM
Youth Service Committee meeting
Terminal City Club
Jun 21, 2022 11:00 AM
Ride for Hearing committee meeting
Swissreal office
Jun 21, 2022 1:45 PM
Membership Committee meeting
Swissreal office
Jun 28, 2022 8:30 AM
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Jun 28, 2022 1:45 PM
Rotarians' Investment Club meeting
Jun 30, 2022
Ride for Hearing committee meeting
Swissreal office
Jul 05, 2022 1:45 PM
Community Service Committee meeting (contact
Jul 12, 2022 1:30 PM
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55 years Jun 03
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Last Meeting May 31, 2022

Wayne Fraser, President, chaired the meeting
Nadja Gehriger, Secretary, hosted the ZOOM meeting & introduced guests
Miya Otake played O Canada on the harp via video
President’s Announcements:
  • Thank you to all of you who came to Tuesday’s meeting. It is wonderful to see you all, both those in person and those attending virtually.
  • Picking up on comments from last week regarding Rotaractors moving into Rotary – the best way to promote and encourage this is to build relationships with the Rotaractors now. Who here has purchased tickets to the VYP Rotaract UNYA fundraiser? Note: this event was held Thurs June 3rd. For those who haven’t but intend to, remember you can use a discount code to get a reduced ticket price. Check out last week’s Rotor newsletter or contact Carolyn if you need information. Let’s get together and show our strong club support for this young group of potential Rotarians. If you cannot attend, we have been asked if ticket(s) can be purchased and then the committee will pass on the ticket as a donation to a worthy person.
Secretary's announcements:
  • reminders of upcoming events/meetings (see above)
  • birthdays, member club anniversaries, wedding anniversaries (see above)
Special announcements and members' moments:
  • Celine Mainve, from the VYP Rotaract club, extended a final invitation to join them at their UNYA fundraiser, Thurs June 2nd at the Bill Reid Gallery. The evening was to be everything 1st nations – at the Bill Reid Gallery, Native musicians and chefs. So excited to share some of the rich 1st Nations culture.
  • Joan Posivy extended an invitation to everyone – you are invited to attend the next VYP Rotaract meeting, Monday June 6th at the YMCA, 6 p.m. start time. Contact Joan if you’d like to attend. Everyone is welcome.
  • Brittany Ford, one of our newest club members, was interviewed by Franco Gallo.  Brittany is a registered holistic nutritionist. Brittany was born in South Africa, moved to Ontario with her family at a young age, and then moved to BC in 2015. She lives in Port Moody with fiancé and golden retriever puppy. Her passion for personal health grew out of her own experiences and challenges. She realized that one’s health is of utmost importance and now encourages everyone to make health their #1 priority. CLICK HERE to view her business website, Biohacking Brittany. Brittany is already becoming very involved in the club already offering her skills on the social media front. Thanks to Gabby Dickert for introducing Brittany to Rotary and our club.
  • Franz Gehriger spoke about the upcoming 37th Ride for Hearing. This year’s route and planning is a complete change, moving from the Burnaby – Harrison route to Stanley Park, through to Steveston, and back again, ending in Stanley Park. Change is always difficult and this is true for the big changes for this event this year. We are dealing with the City of Vancouver, City of Richmond, and Parks to pull it all together.

    A huge shout out to Jack Zaleski who for many years essentially planned the event single handedly. Of course there were many volunteers who made it all possible, but he certainly did the lion’s share of the work. We now have a big and hard-working committee planning and organizing.

    Everyone is invited. Electric bikes welcome. Kids are welcome. Adjusting the route to suite one’s interests is welcome – you can adjust or shorten your route as you see fit. It is not compulsory to complete the route; just participating is the focus. There will be a special ride for kids starting at 10:00 a.m.

    Though they have had a very successful start, there are not getting the anticipated number of riders, only 37 registered so far. The hope is to have about 200 riders. We ask that you get the word out far and wide.

    Still looking for volunteers to help during the day. Currently the needs are mainly in Richmond but that’s not all. Contact Melody Hu, volunteer coordinator, if you are interested in helping out

    The day will finish with a celebration banquet starting at 5:00 p.m. at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park.  Jenifer Jones, the newly installed RI President, the 1st lady RI President and one who hails from Ontario will be attending the dinner. If you aren’t able to be there during the day, consider joining us for the banquet dinner.

    The links to purchase banquet dinner tickets will be sent out soon. See above for more information about how you can support this important club fundraiser.
Rene Abi-Rached introduced speakers from VCASE, composed of diverse group of individuals, working to help raise the awareness of sexual exploitation and putting a stop to the associated problems.
Lynne Kent, Chair of VCASE, spoke about the explosion of sexual violence in Canada. VCASE is working with thousands raising awareness across the nation. They have grown to be an incredible voice for those who have suffered, or are suffering from exploitation. In Canada there are those who wish to buy sex with impunity; They hold up New Zealand as the example. VCASE vehemently disagrees with the principle of this. They believe that there is no such thing as selling sex without exploitation being the result. CLICK HERE to view a short video about this.
Lynne acknowledged our club’s financial contribution to them that helped fund presentations and lobbying in Ottawa to prevent immunity for pimps and johns. It is a huge myth that prostitution should be considered a job like any other. Sex workers, are answerable to their “bosses” – the pimps who are most often less than ethical in their care of the “employees”.
Trisha, a survivor of sex trafficking spoke about her experience. She is from Richmond, was apprehended from her parents at 12 years old. Unfortunately, as is still the case today, when children are taken from the family unit they are at increased risk. Trish was put into a group home where she was assaulted by the boys in the home resulting in her running away. She was found by a man who was experienced to identify vulnerable girls like herself. He built trust through appealing to her vulnerabilities and eventually got her involved in prostitution at around her 13th birthday. Trish supported herself by selling her body. She has lost several of her friends to Canada’s most prolific serial killer, Willy Pickton. She was not just talking about the extreme forms of violence such as with serial killers, but also the violence of using someone’s body in a way they may not want it to be used. It was the men that she and her friends were with was the risk, not the law. It wasn’t the law that raped and beat them.
Talk to your children about the topic of pornography and sexual exploitation. Start early speaking in terms appropriate to their age, keep talking as they grow, ensuring the conversation is open, truthful, and educational – not scary or taboo. Note that the younger the person the more money is made from them. This speaks volumes about who the perpetrators are.
Alexandra, who currently works as an advisor with Covenant House, was trafficked at 20 years old. It was more than a decade later that she understood she was trafficked. She walked willingly into the industry at 20, considered an adult. She held the belief that she was using her body for monetary gains and willingly did so as a sex worker. She didn’t realize until decades later that the sexual abuse she experienced as a child and drug use were the actual reasons she ventured into the industry. Alexandra believed back when she ventured into the industry of sex working that she and her boyfriend were business partners. This she eventually realized was absolutely not the case. She ended up having to run away after nearly losing her life through violence with her partner. And yet still she didn’t recognize that was trafficked, that took time, education, and healing.
Alexandra shared that a police officer with expertise in the area of internet crimes told her that if children have an on-line presence it is not a matter of if a predator sees them, it is when. Reiterating what has already been mentioned, children must be educated about the risks of an on-line presence, how to recognize warning signs, and how to protect themselves, so they can make educated safe decisions.
The goal is to reduce the availability of sex for hire. To ensure that if individuals are working in the industry unwillingly, they are protected and can stop.
Hopefully we can all appreciate those who spoke about their experiences have a difficult time doing so. The memories are painful, and a lot of shame has been dealt with and continues to be dealt with. The safety of Canadian women and youth (both male & female) is at stake. In today’s world of connectivity, on-line education with regards to safety is paramount. Predators are very, very skilled at drawing out the vulnerabilities of youth, taking their time working on them until an emotional bond and trust is formed before they convince one to do things that will harm them.
Movies such as Pretty Woman have done such an disservice to so many by romanticizing the notion of a prince charming coming along and providing a wonderful life for a sex worker without communicating the truths around the topic. There are currently approximately 300K university students registered on the sugar daddy site in Canada – no doubt with the goal that their education and living expenses with be paid for easily and “romantically”.
Again thanks to our club for the financial support they’ve received. Each social media blitz costs about $2K, best way to reach many at a relatively low cost.
They encouraged us all to become aware about the whole topic, and especially the proposed changes to Canada’s laws. The government has passed a resolution to decriminalize and repeal the law; it is now being looked at it through the Justice Review Committee. Use your voice to speak against it if you can and encourage others to do the same.
Links of interest:
  • CLICK HERE to view a compilation of short videos showing comparisons of decriminalizing effects in the Netherlands, vs Norway, and more.
  • CLICK HERE to go to the VCASE website
  • CLICK HERE to read some trafficking survivor stories via the Polaris Project
  • CLICK HERE to go to the Culture Reframed website where you’ll find resources for parents to help educate themselves and their children. Culture Reframed works to build resilience and resistance in young people to hypersexualized media and pornography.
Meeting adjourned with a toast to toast to being aware and keeping our youth safe.

June 17, 2022


Wayne Fraser, President   Nadja Gehriger, Secretary