Vol. 102 No. 51
Bill Davidson, President
Parisa Adrangi, Secretary

NEXT MEETING JULY 7, 2020 (virtual)
Club Day!!
Installation of the 2020-21 Board

President Bill says goodbye, President Gerry says hello. Please join us to welcome our new Board. DG Dave Hamilton will be in attendance for the  installation of our 2020-21 Board:
  • President, Gerry Glazier
  • President-Elect, Wayne Fraser
  • Immediate Past President, Bill Davidson
  • Secretary, Gabby Dickert
  • Treasurer, Kaz Kadono
  • Director, Parisa Adrangi (2020-21)
  • Director, Stu Bird (2020-21)
  • Director, Min Kuang (2020-21)
  • Director, Joan Posivy (2020-22)
  • Director, Navid Morawej (2020-22)
  • Director, Ryan Crean (2020-22)

UPCOMING MEETING JULY 14, 2020 (virtual)
Dr. Susan Forwell
Professor & Department Head of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy, UBC Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Forwell is a Professor, a Principle Investigator with the UBC Multiple Sclerosis clinic and the International Collaboration of Research and Discovery (ICORD), and an affiliate researcher with the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI) and Fraser Health. Her research and teaching is in occupational science, neuro-rehabilitation and community integration. Currently, Dr. Forwell is on the health care advisory council of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, sub-editor of the Journal of Occupational Science and chair of the International Society of Occupational Science. Recently, she was honoured with the prestigious Townsend-Polatajko Occupational Science Lectureship where she gave her address in October 2016.


In November of 2018, when John Bathurst called me and asked if I would like to relinquish my role as Chair of the Speaker Committee after the previous 7 or so years, I was a bit suspicious. John said, “I have a great opportunity for you, and I know that you have a lot of time on your hands.” I acknowledged that becoming President of the RCoV was not only a great opportunity, but was also a great honour, although I did not know where he got his assumption that I had “a lot of time on my hands”. I had stated previously that I would accept the nomination as President of the RCoV if I every retired, but John suspected that my retirement may never happen. So, having no further argument I eagerly accepted that nomination.
In hindsight, the role of President was much easier to deal with while having a job with my office located downtown. I am very busy at work, but have flexibility and I have access to much better technology in my office than I would have had at home… all of these factors allowed me to deal with Rotary matters on a timely basis. There were other advantages to having my office downtown – I was a 5 minute walk from the Terminal City Club, and I was also able to host some Club and District meetings in our boardroom which was very convenient for myself as well as for other Rotarians.
The journey to Club President commences about the time one is nominated at the Club AGM, which is more than 6 months before the actual start of the Rotary year. Past President Phil Webber was very quick to offer instructions on how to access various sections of the Rotary International website, including Rotary Club Central and MyRotary, as I needed to start thinking club goals etc. for my year as Club President. John Bathurst emphasized to our club repeatedly during the year that the RI website contains valuable information about Rotary and John is right. I learned more about Rotary from going through the website than in all my years as a Rotarian.
The first official duty as incoming Club President is to attend the President Elect Training (PETS), which is held every February at a hotel conference center near the Sea-Tac airport, just south of Seattle. I had heard from previous Presidents that PETS was a very organized and informative event. I was not disappointed as all the presentations and breakout sessions were of very high quality and even included presentations from RI Director Jeffrey Cadorette as well as incoming RI President Mark Maloney. In addition, I met and interacted with fellow Rotarians from District 5040, including Bill Bennett who was former Minister of Mines in the Gordon Campbell government, who was his Rotary Club’s incoming President. I have attended numerous professional training conferenced over the years and PETS was amongst the best.
  • Growth in the number of younger members.
  • The good times and comradery with Rotarians from our club and others at the RI conference in Hamburg and the District conference in Sun Peaks.
  • Interaction within our District with club Presidents, President Elects, Rotaractors, and representatives of the District at regular meetings organized by John Bathurst in his role as Assistant District Governor.
  • Attending an event in August with RI President Mark Maloney, where President Maloney also inducted new Rotarians, including Sarah & Thomas Reppchen, and Saarika Varma of our club.
  • Jack Zaleski, Gerry Glazier, and Franz Gehriger being recognized by District 5040 with major awards.
  • Joan Posivy being recognized with a Rotaractor for Life Award.

RCoV Social on the Calendar!

Back by popular demand, we are having our Rotary Pub Night next Thurs July 9th 6pm at Bridges Restaurant located on Granville Island. If the weather permits, we will sit outdoors in their lovely patio facing the water. Stay for a drink or two, order an appy or an entree from their full dining menu, while enjoying the summer sun! 
The restaurant will allow us to reserve 6 people to a table. I plan on reserving two tables for a maximum of 12. 
Please RSVP and I will add you to our list. I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces! 
Upcoming Events
please click on the titles for more info for specific events
International Service Committee meeting (email for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 16, 2020 7:30 PM
Membership Committee Meeting (email for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 28, 2020 8:30 AM
Food on the Corner
Aug 15, 2020 11:00 AM
International Service Committee meeting (email for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Aug 20, 2020 7:30 PM
Membership Committee Meeting (email for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Aug 25, 2020 8:30 AM
Youth Service Committee meeting (email for meeting invite)
Aug 25, 2020 11:00 AM
Investment Club (contact Chair for updates on meeting dates)
Aug 27, 2020 6:00 PM
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If no written objection is filed with the Secretary within 7 days of July 6, 2020 by July 12, 2020
The following individuals will, upon payment of the dues and assessments determined by the Board, be declared elected as individual members of the Rotary Club of Vancouver recognized by Rotary International.
Robin Luo
Travel Services
Min Kuang
Wendy Guan
Investments - Equities
Min Kuang
Due notice having been given; the following individual member has been declared elected as a member of the Club.
Nathan Hesketh
Investments - Financial Planning
Parisa Adrangi
Due notice having been given; the following corporate members have been declared elected as a member of the Club.
Daniel Hawreluk
Darren Radbourne
Iredale Architecture 
Architecture - Commercial”.
Kendall Jessiman
William Brunke July 3
at our Club
Nadja Gehriger 2 years
Jeremy Towning 2 years
Parisa Adrangi 3 years
Malcolm & Janice Hunter
45 years, July 5

Last Meeting June 30, 2020

Bill Davidson, President, chaired the meeting and gave the invocation.
Miya Otake played O Canada on her harp.
Thomas Reppchen hosted the meeting via ZOOM.
President’s Announcements:
  • Thanks to Thomas for hosting the meeting via ZOOM.
  • Welcome guests, potential members, returning guests, and first-timers.
  • We have a number of potential members wanting to join us. The member notice went out last Friday, so barring any objections received by this Thursday, we can look forward to welcoming them in early July.
    • Nathan Hesketh, as an individual member
    • Daniel Hawreluk & Darren Radbourne, as additions to the Iredale Corporate membership
Parisa Adrangi, provided the Secretary's announcements:
  • reminders of upcoming events/meetings (see above)
  • birthdays: William Brunke July 3rd
  • member club anniversaries:  Nadja Gehriger 2 years, Jeremy Towning 2 years, Parisa Adrangi 3 years
  • wedding anniversaries: Malcolm & Janice Hunter 45 years July 5th
Special announcements and members' moments:
  • Bala Naidoo thanked the club for the support over the year and recognized us for the district awards given. We certainly paved the way in terms of how we innovated and engineered the club so far through COVID. Applaud Bill and Board, Franz and those who have done such amazing work in revitalizing the club. At the District level they talk with pride about our building efforts.

    Bala mentioned that it took him 17 years to understand Rotary and become effective. Our club has many members who have travelled that path. He hopes that some members who have Rotary experience and who have impacted our club in such great ways will look to helping at the district level – the District wants to learn more from us and be able to share with other clubs in the district.
    Wonderful year – Cici Yim  & Mathew Lynam, thanks to them as well, as presidents of their respective clubs; John Bathurst as ADG. All the best to Gerry for the upcoming year.
  • Phil Webber introduced Michele Aderem, Executive Director of PACE Child & Family Society. Michele expressed sincere thanks for the club's very generous donation. PACE is very small but very mighty. It supports young children who display challenging physical and mental challenges, a lot of whom are from indigenous families. PACE works with a variety of programs to provide the best possible service to their clients. Michele has been with PACE for 35 years. She is constantly suprised and happy for the incredible resilience displayed. Our club's donation enabled PACE to purchase 4 computers for families, and grocery cards for 14 families. Thank you!

    Phil added that he has been involved with and known by PACE for almost 35 years. It is a fabulous organization that helps with the transition for children moving from one home to another in foster care situations. He is very happy that RCoV agreed to support PACE. Again, thank you Rotarians.
  • Gary Chomyn shared that on Sunday, the Hoopathon group held a social distancing Rotary scholarship awards presentation. He shared some photos from the event. It went remarkably well.
    The Hoopathon raised a total of $52,000. It was the best result ever and does not include what the kids will raise with their own Hoopathon. They've raised over $415K since 2006. Quite amazing given COVID. Thanks to all the Rotary clubs in partnership who shifted gears and helped with this success. Global helped create awareness both for the Hoopathon and for Rotary in general.

    There were 8 scholarship recipients receiving a combined total of $35,000. The remaining funds raised were distributed as follows:
    • $4K for RYLA
    • $5K for Girls who LEAP (Lead Empower & Act with Purpose)
    • $8K Strathcona basketball program
  • Bala Naidoo recognized two members of our club who served at the District Level and who have come to the end of their respective term. The District is looking to our club for leaders to join the District team. Please consider it, the skills and experience that has so greatly benefitted the club is needed by the District.
    • Verona Edelstein 6 years (served a double term) chairing global grants committee;
    • Joan Posivy 3 years as Rotaract co-chair; a role that she has passed on to Thomas Miller.
Club year-end wrap up:
  • Community Service Committee, Gerry Glazier & Rene Abi-Rached:
    • The CSC had an active year. Gaming funds, that are used to fund a number of projects, arrived late which worked out well as the timing enabled the committee to direct the funds to COVID relief work. During the year, Koerner funds supported journey Home, Food on the Corner, Chidren’s Heart Network.

      COVID relief, one of the real plusses -- 3 committees came together very quickly – International, Youth and Community, working together to identify and support COVID relief projects. They ended up with in excess of $30K to spend. The recipients were Door is Open, Britannia Secondary & Norquay Elementary through Adopt A School Program.

      It was a very rewarding year. Looking forward to working with Brian Street & Thomas Reppchen who will take over as co-chairs for 2020-21.

      Rene shared a hearfelt story about an experience he had that had a lasting effect on him. It was two years before joining Rotary, Stu Bird was President, and he was on his way to attend a meeting as a guest. On the way he saw someone badly beating a woman – tried to interfere but was ineffective. Person being beaten was rewarded with food and lipstick. This experience greatly affected Rene – 3 years later Rene joined Rotary. He got involved with the goal of helping people in the downtown core and on the eastside.

      Activities of CSC have been effective and extremely helpful for those in need. Started first with food on the corner, and now the list of the organizations they've been able to help is long; the committee worked really well as a group.

      Thanks to so many Rotarians, all who were involved with the CSC as well as the other Rotary committees who supported and worked effectively CSC, and also for the past 6-7 years for the tremendous help they received from the club presidents.
  • International Service Committee, Michael Woolnough & Ian Storrs
    • ​​​​​​​The ISC has about 20 members who meet monthly, usually hosted by a member. There are 5 continents represented on the committee! 

      Every year they like to do one major and one minor project as well as help with a couple of containers. This last year the major project was in Nairobi, which unfortunately ground to a halt a few weeks ago. The upside was that this freed up some funds allowing support for a few smaller projects in the Philippines, Buenos Aires, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Cambodia. Other projects were in South Korea (multi-club project) and Uganda.

      Coming up in the new year there is a project in Nepal with sister club in Tokyo, to develop services and equipment for a school in Kathmandu.
      The committee had hoped to send two containers to Uganda & Indonesia. Both were cancelled. Next year they will fund a container to Cuba when Rotary World Help is back up and running.
      The committee was pleased to be able to support COVID relief projects for our club and also the UN, as well as in the Dominican Republic.
      Thanks to all committee members who were such a great support for the committee.
  • Membership Committee, Franz Gehriger & Jason Boudreau
    • ​​​​​​​The membership committee has been recognized for bringing in a number of young leaders (<40 years of age) over the year. This group makes up a growing part of our club, we are still mostly seniors (>65). Compared to 10 years ago there is such a difference in the diversity of age and gender. A very positive difference now.
      The makeup of the committee is very unique with 5-6 Past Presidents on it who bring with them great knowledge, including Assistant District Governor John Bathurst who has great Rotary knowledge. In the 2019–20 year, we had 12 new members join and 7 member resignations. Positive retention. Not sure about COVID effects on membership. Recommend the President attend meetings on a regular basis.

      Younger members have voiced that they join to develop personal relationships which COVID has made difficult with the suspension of in-person meetings. So we have seen that they may not attend ZOOM meetings as the format doesn't meet those needs. Looking forward it is recommended to hold combination in-person and ZOOM meetings.
      It has been a pleasure chairing committee.
    Vocational Service/Networking Committee, Navid Morawej & Franco Gallo
    • The committee began the year reviewing their mission statement to create an environment that supports and encourages networking and building business. They organized a number of vocational interviews with members and were very happy with the feedback received. Current format really helps to learn about one another. They will definitely keep them up moving forward.
      Their 2nd main initiative was the Rotary Getting Inspired Talks – a fantastic project that never saw the light of day due to COVID. They worked closely with District on the concept and implementation plans. Overview: to create the Rotary version of TED talks. They partnered with Roger Killen to build a signature event in town to build awareness about Rotary. Pitched the idea to District Governor Bala Naido and District Membership Chair, Tom Smith – everyone loved it. A date was set for May on Granville Island; due to COVID, they had to postpone and are looking at 2021 now.
      Challenges: going forward would like a more methodical approach to filling up the schedule and filling up with member interviews. Into the new year, interviews will continue. There will be a push to have new members up quickly. They will work closely with Young Professionals Division. And the Rotary Get Inspired Talks hopefully will go ahead.
    Youth Service Committee, Kendall Jessiman & John Bathurst
    • ​​​​​​​The youth committee is comprised of a core of at least 10 members of the club with another 6-10 members supporting various programs. We have a representative from the both the Young Professionals Rotaract (Elena Schoenlau) and the Young Professionals Division (Justin Emilio) of the club contributing to the Youth Committee. Total estimated volunteer hours by Youth Committee members is 350.
      The core group meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month before the weekly lunch meeting. A great deal of our efforts and programs were disrupted by Covid 19 from March 2020 forward.
      Highlights from the last year:
    • Supporting Rotary Youth programs:
      • RYLA. We supported 2 students to RYL North and 3 students to RYLA south but these events were cancelled due to Covid)
      • Rotaract clubs. Support the Young Professionals and also the UBC clubs. This year had minimal financial support to these clubs as they opted to send their Presidents elect to Big West Conference in July 2020 rather than PETS ( Feb 2020)   In February we had a successful joint meeting between all 3 clubs, and scheduled a joint social event which was cancelled due to Covid. ( Joan Posivy was liaison with Thomas Reppchen liaising with Young Professionals and Gabby Dickert for UBC))
      • Interact club. at Sir Winston Churchill.(54th and Cambe)  Held a successful District Interact conference at SWC in fall of 2019. Financial support minimal this year due to Covid limitations.( Adriana Zylman liaison with strong support from Ron Suzuki of Sunrise club)
      • YEX Successful exchange with student from SWC to Spain ( Shayla) and inbound from Spain, ( Mar). John Hayto hosted for the full time to March 2020 when YEX curtailed due to Covid.  Should have had other host families to share the burden. Kendall Jessiman active in supporting paperwork and liaison and Stephanie Lawton acting as counsellor took Mar on a number of outings. Overall a success. working to have YEX in 2021-2022. Need to streamline financial support from Don Kavanaugh funds in foundation for YEX and more than one host family
      • Adventures in Citizenship Selected a candidate to attend ( Fraser Hannay president of Interact SWC) Cancelled due to Covid. Funds reimbursed were $350 less than registration
      • STEP. Nothing in last year but supporting this year. (John Hayto liaison)
      • RICHWA Award: $300 award for outstanding Rotaractor
      • PACE: Approved annual financial support, but event cancelled due to Covid
    • Norquay School:
      • One on one reading. Volunteer readers and financial support for books $1,500. John Richardson stepped back after many years of supporting this. Phil Webber, is now the main liaison and reader, he also coordinated the “free” dictionary program. We provided $10,000 via Adopt a school for Covid related relief
      • Breakfast and emergency food.  We have supported their emergency food locker in 2019: $2,000 (Phil Webber liaison)
      • Food Programs: Reviewing our club’s focus on helping with food programs in schools or community Centres. This was partially covered in our donation to Adopt a School
    • Scholarships:
      • Stay in School at Gladstone Secondary After 14 years of this program we revised it after consultation with the school and past graduates. No awards made in 2019 Rotary year as we deferred applications from Grade 10 to Grade 11 starting with 2020 program. Revised program identifies students of potential for post secondary in Grade 11 but who have financial challenges. Base program provides $7,000 scholarship payable $4,000 towards first year of post secondary and $3,000 to second year. (John Bathurst and Katherine Copeland and Richard Higgins as liaison with committee of 4-6 Rotarians adjudicating applications) 
    • Youth at Risk:
      • Hoop a thon with Sunrise club; 4d year of partnership with Sunrise club. Donated $5,000 from our club’s foundation to support Strathcona community centre basketball and student scholarships. Smaller event this year due to Covid but overall raised $52,000 of which $30,000 was for scholarships (Justin Emilio liaison). Excellent coverage by Global TV.
      • Trev Deeley BBQ’s fund raisers :Small socials hosted at Trev Deeley to raise funds. Katherine Copeland organized 2 events and raised approx $2,000
      • Britannia School Covid relief Joint meetings with Community Services repurposed funds from Foundation Budget to provide $10,000 thru Adopt a School: to provide much needed funds for meals and distance learning during Covid shutdown. Received headline coverage in Vancouver Sun
      • Emergency Covid relief for youth thru Adopt a School. In May 2020 the club’s board approved a joint submission from the Youth and Community Services committees to provide $30,000 from our club’s foundation for Covid related relief in the Vancouver community. As of June; two donations were approved : $5,000 to PACE (not to be confused with PACE - the Pacific Canada Experience with Rotaract) organization for food for needy families, and $5,700 to Easter Seals to enable handicap children to attend a “virtual camp” The $30,000 is a matching program where by donations are being solicited from club members and the community at large.  A further request is being submitted to donate $20,000 to Adopt a School on a matching basis, for at risk youth.
  • Young Professionals Division, Mark Zhao
    • ​​​​​​​The group has been together for almost a year now. A few highlights:
      • Rotary clothing drive last fall, went to Union Gospel Mission
      • Worked with Soup Sisters
      • Donated 100 surgical grade masks to St. Paul's COVID-19 support
    • The group has recently been on hold but are hoping to be back on track soon, attracting some new members along the way.
  • To close out the meeting, President Bill gave a speech wrapping up his year (see above). Sincere thanks from Bill for all of the support from everyone. Stu Bird welcomed Bill to the Past Presidents "club" and all that comes with that.
Meeting adjourned with a toast to a safe summer; stay safe!!

July 17, 2020


Gerry Glazier, President   Gabby Dickert, Secretary