P.O. Box 48358, Bentall Centre
Vancouver, BC V7X 1A1
Vol 104 No. 21
Wayne Fraser, President
Nadja Gehriger, Secretary

June Goldsmith, Founder of Music in the Morning
My Life in Music

For decades, June Goldsmith has charmed audiences with her knowledgeable and enthusiastic approach to classical music. Her lifelong commitment has led to a rich and varied career as a concert presenter, entrepreneur, music educator and pianist, and now as a radio broadcaster and lecturer. Her warm style and personality has brought classical music to life for audiences in Vancouver, and indeed, across the country.
In 1986, June founded the groundbreaking Music in the Morning series where was artistic and executive director for over twenty years. She is currently a regular guest with host Sheryl MacKay on the CBC Radio One program North by Northwest, participates in various festivals and organizations in Canada and the US, and also organizes outreach performances and free concerts. June received the Order of Canada and the Order of British Columbia for her contribution to the arts in Canada. She is a member of the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame.

RCoV Annual General Meeting & Speaker
Bill Hellyer, E-Learning District 5040
MyRotary, Rotary Club Central & The Learning Center

Bill is a member of RC Prince George Yellowhead. He joined Rotary in 1995, and is a Past Club President (twice), a past Assistant Governor, and is currently a District 5040 Trainer.
E-Learning has revolutionized learning, improving efficiencies in a manner that we continue to  dedicate to Rotary.  The flexibility offered by e-Learning in place of learning and time of learning means that whole education programmes can be rolled out across teams and clubs all over the world.

We are pleased to that Bill will help to expand your Rotary experience and knowledge by taking advantage of some of the tools available. He will show you the step by step on how to set up a “My Rotary” account and then on to how to access the e-Learning courses.


VRC Foundation Annual General Meeting, and Holiday Social 


NO MEETING DECEMBER 21st & 28th, 2021

Tuesday December 7, 2021
Tuesday December 14, 2021
In order to complete the AGM on December 7, we will need to have at least 37 active members at the meeting in person. While we understand that there are many reasons people cannot attend meetings in person right now, it would be greatly appreciated if those who are able to attend in person try to do so on December 7. 
Update Nov26th: we have 26 of 37 required registered so far.


as presented by
John Bathurst, RCoV Foundation Chair
November is Foundation Month in the Rotary world. Recently DG Lorne gave a great overview of the numbers and of some of the programs associated with The Rotary Foundation (TRF).
I have been asked to chair our club’s TRF committee, and my message to day is going to be simple and direct, please consider The Rotary Foundation as a charity of choice when you consider your charitable giving for this year.
At the start of today’s meeting President Wayne’s invocation outlined some of the many areas that we as Rotarians work to do good in the world.
Rotarians dig wells from which we will never drink,
We vaccinate children we will never meet,
We restore eyesight for those we will never see,
We build housing we will never live in,
We educate children we will never know,
We plant trees we will never sit under,
We feed hungry people regardless of race or politics.
These efforts require not only our volunteered time and talents, but they also need funding. TRF is one of the key sources for funding and TRF requires our donations to sustain our good works.
Your support makes a difference!
A few facts about TRF
  • TRF is a separate organization from Rotary International;
  • It is a significant source of funding for Rotary projects both globally and locally
  • It is one of the best ranked international charities in the world with 91% of funds raised being used on projects
  • There are 3 main areas within the TRF that you can direct your donation to:
    • Annual Fund
    • Polio
    • Endowment fund
  • The Annual fund is the focus of my appeal today:
    • The funds donated in one year are held by TRF and the income earned on it is used to fund operations and after 3 years the funds are allocated to the two funds
    • Every $ donated to the AF is divided into 2 segments;
      • District Designated these are the funds that are returned to the district for allocation to club projects
      • World Fund for global grants
  • The impact in our district is such that in 2019 -2020 we accessed and allocated $105,000 for projects within our district and to smaller global projects (those under $30,000)
  • District 5040 clubs received funding on a $1 for $2 raised by the clubs, and projects included:
    • Bowen Island $8,000 to install automatic defibrillators on the island
    • Burnaby Metrotown $5,000 coats for kids
    • Gibsons, $10,000 building a school in Eastern Cape South Africa
    • New West Royal City, $8,000 construct a play area for families and children
    • Richmond Sunrise $3,000 to design, engineer and install clean water supply in Uganda village
    • Sunshine coast $1,500 install rescue floats at local beach
    • West Van Sunrise received 4 grants totaling $4,000 with project grant funding from $246 to $1,800
Your donation and support make a difference!
This year there will also be focus on making donations to support the eradication of polio thru the Polio Plus Society ( another pin) More on this at a later date.
Our club has historically been a good donor to the TRF as we recognize that we need to give, in order to get. We have been active with Global grants.
Over the last few years our club members have generally donated in total between US$8,000 to US$10,000.
District 5040 has a goal of $232,000US for this year and is at $137,000 to date.
This year our club has set a modest goal of $8,000 US for the Annual Fund You will recognize that the $8,000 is 3.4% of district total whereas our club size of 110 members is 8.8% of the district total. To date we are at $4,000 for the annual fund. Can we do more and exceed our goal?
For Polio Plus we have a club goal of $3,000 US. To date we are at $300 (our Thank the speaker donation to Polio for the year of approximately $2,000US has not yet been processed.)
When you donate to the TRF, you receive recognition for your support:
  • When you donate $1,000 US; or your donations reach a cumulative total of $1,000 US you are recognized with a Paul Harris award.
  • This takes the form of a certificate and a pin.
  • As your donations accumulate you will receive a new pin with either a small simulated sapphire ( blue stone) up to PH +5 and then a simulated ruby for PHF 6-8.
  • After $10,000 you are considered a Major donor and you receive a Major donor pin
Another incentive this year to give to TRF is DG Lorne has donated a two weeks accommodation at the Inn at Mazatlan. You will be given “tickets” for the draw based on:
  • 1 ticket when you sign up for the Polio Society and make a $100 US donation
  • 2 tickets when you make a $1,000 donation to the annual fund
  • More details in the Rotor.
Call to Action: to make your gift to TRF you can follow some easy steps (these will be outlined in the Rotor this week)
  • Use the donate button that Carolyn has embedded in the Rotor, it will take you to RI web site.
  • At the web site you will need to sign in to your MyRotary account to receive your Paul Harris recognition.
  • If you don’t have a MY Rotary account you can contact either Carolyn of my self or wait until Dec 7th meeting when district trainer Bill Hellyer will be running a training session.  ( Should add that there is a world of Rotary awaiting for you once you access MyRotary)
  • Another option for making your donation is to consider using Rotary Direct. This is program to have a donation taken from your credit card every month, no amount is too small. The enrollment form will be attached to the Rotor this week
Special offer: Until December 31 the district will help members achieve their Paul Harris award by matching PH points equivalent to your donation, for example to get your first PH award you need only donate $500 US as the district will match that with 500 points to get you to the PH level one, and for each level beyond until you reach PH+8.
Please consider TRF as one of your preferred charities when making your charitable gifts this year. It makes difference in the world and in our backyard. You can find more detailed information about TRF at
PS. Save the date February 5th evening. District Foundation dinner! Always a good time!
Rotary International The Rotary Foundation (TRF)
CLICK HERE for more information about TRF donation options
Tax receipts will be issued directly from Rotary International.
Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation (VRCF)
CLICK HERE to make a donation to VRCF
Tax receipts will be issued directly from CHIMP (Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada)) on behalf of the Rotary Club of Vancouver

Miya Otake & her sister, Kaori, performing
 in remembrance of their Mom, Kayo Otake

Cafe Classico Series
Miya & Kaori Otake Harp Duo

Sun., Nov. 28th @ 3:00 pm
Langley Community Music School
4899-207th St., Langley, BC

CLICK HERE for tickets

Bergmann-Otake Double Duo
Music for 287 strings & 17 pedals

Mon., Nov. 29th @ 10:30 am
Cowichan Performing Arts Centre
2687 James St., Duncan, BC

CLICK HERE for tickets

 Bergmann-Otake Double Duo
Music for 287 strings & 17 pedals

Wed., Dec. 8th @ 2:30 pm
Wed., Dec 8th @ 7:00 pm

Evergreen Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC

CLICK HERE for info/tickets
click on Dec 8th date
phone 604-927-6555

Bergmann-Otake Double Duo
Music for 287 strings & 17 pedals

Thurs., Dec. 9th @ 10:30 am
ACT Arts Theatre
11944 Haney Pl., Maple Ridge

CLICK HERE for info/tickets

Bergmann-Otake Double Duo
Music for 287 strings & 17 pedals

Fri., Dec. 10th @ 11:00 am
Surrey Arts Centre Studio Theatre
13750-88th Ave., Surrey, BC 

CLICK HERE for info/tickets

Upcoming Events
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Community Service Committee meeting (contact
Jan 11, 2022 1:30 PM
Food on the Corner
Jan 15, 2022 11:00 AM
Youth Service Committee meeting
Terminal City Club
Jan 18, 2022 11:00 AM
RCoV Bike-a-thon Committee meeting
Swissreal office
Jan 18, 2022 1:45 PM
International Service Committee meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jan 20, 2022 7:15 PM
Membership Committee meeting
Swissreal office
Jan 25, 2022 8:30 AM
Rotarians' Investment Club meeting
Jan 27, 2022
Community Service Committee meeting (contact
Feb 08, 2022 1:30 PM
Youth Service Committee meeting
Terminal City Club
Feb 15, 2022 11:00 AM
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Due notice having been given; the following individual member has been declared elected as a member of the Club.
Ziad Boustany
Civil Engineering & Construction Mgmt”.
Proposer: Navid Morawej
Seconder: Franz Gehriger

Sue Haralds-Towsley Nov 26
Min Kuang Nov 27
Allan Cheng Nov 29
at our Club
Jason Boudreau 10 years
Mass Abedi 13 years
Joe Lopushinsky 13 years
none this week

Last Meeting Nov. 23, 2021

Wayne Fraser, President, chaired the meeting
Nadja Gehriger, Secretary, hosted the ZOOM meeting
Jill Pennefather, Sergeant At Arms, introduced the guests
Miya Otake played O Canada on the harp
President’s Announcements:
  • Welcome to our guests, new and returning, as well as our own members who have taken the time out of their busy lives to be with us today. Thank you for joining us.
  • Gerry Glazier, immediate past President, announced the slate for the 2022-23 RCoV Board.
    • Jason Boudreau vice president
    • Saarika Varma Director
    • Juno Parlange Director
    • Alvin Zhao Director
    • Jim Evans SAA

Any 10 members in good standing may nominate an eligible member of the society for any position requiring election at the next Annual General Meeting (Vice-President/President Elect, Director, Sergeant At Arms). Such nominations shall be delivered to the Secretary ( prior to the November 30th regular meeting.


Secretary's announcements:
  • reminders of upcoming events/meetings (see above)
  • birthdays, member club anniversaries, wedding anniversaries (see above)
Special presentations and Members' Moments:
  • Nadja Gehriger shared that the 2nd networking event was held last week. It was very successful with about 20 people attending. They enjoyed beer tasting with Russell Breweries and some nibbles, etc. Looking forward to the next event in December.
  • Jill Pennefather who organizes our volunteers for Food on the Corner expressed appreciated for volunteers, Sandra Lowe who sent cookies, and VYP Rotoractors, Celine + 2 others who came down on short notice. The sense of humour they effortlessly brought along made the event the best one every. Truly enjoyable.
  • Gabby Dickert reminded all of the UBC Rotaractors’ clothing drive. Contact Gabby if you’ve got anything you want to contribute, especially men’s clothing.
  • Miya Otake shared that she and her sister will be performing in concerts dedicated to their Mom, Kayo, around the city starting this weekend at the Langley Community Music School. See above for details.
  • John Bathurst, as Chair of Foundations, spoke about The Rotary Foundation (TRF). See above for details. As a club we support three foundations: TRF, VRC Foundation, RCV Hearing Foundation. All 3 foundations are managed distinctly and separately. Reach out to John, Chris Motion, or any Board member for more info.

Wayne Fraser introduced our speaker, Kristi Blakeway, Principal of Laity School in Maple Ridge. Along with Kristi came Maya, a grade 8 student who has been involved with the Beyond HELLO project since she was in elementary school.

Kristi, while she was a high school teacher, started a project that wasn’t meant to become a long-term thing. Some students wanted to help out in the community, particularly in the downtown eastside. Their initial thought was to provide some service, clothing, food, or the like. After looking into it further and realizing how many groups were already providing such services, they cancelled the project. The students were incredibly disappointed, so they looked into alternatives and decided to reach out to people who were homeless.

Irvin was the 1st man whom they met. He is homeless and was staying in a seasonal shelter in Coquitlam. Living in his family home as a child, his house went up in flames. Irvin rescued one of his sisters but was unable to reach his other two other sisters who died in the fire. For Irvin, he was very much stuck where he experienced the unbelievable trauma in his youth. This conversation started to change how the students think. Irvin showed them that when you looked a little deeper, there were personal stories that led people to where they are today.

The next step in the project was to go to Vancouver’s Eastside. They brought with them blank Xmas cards. They offered to help people send them to someone they care about.

One person who took them up on their offer was Sandra. She wanted to write to her daughter in Alberta. The students started to research, looking for her daughter. It involved lots of calls to anyone with the same last name. Eventually they did find her and found out that she’d actually been in Vancouver looking for her Mom. The students were inspired to bring the family together, they fundraised and were able to bring daughter to mom.

For the last 13 years elementary students make cards for Xmas and Mother’s Day. High school students bring them to the downtown eastside. They’ve made over 800 connections so far.

Students want to continue to be involved even when they move into post secondary.

Maya, who accompanied Kristi to Rotary, started working with the project by making cards, then progressed in high school to taking people out for lunch and listening to their stories.

The interactions between the students and those on the eastside are very emotional lessons in compassion. A chance to connect on a very human intimate level. The Beyond HELLO project creates a more in-depth connection by taking one person to lunch per month.

Another story: Cindy was a down and out lady they encountered. They gave her water and then treated to lunch. She was deep into her addiction and was in a rough place. Part of her tory was that as a teenager gave up a daughter for adoption. Her daughter’s name was Paige she remembered her birthdate. With only these two pieces of information the sleuthing began. Through social media, they found her but she wasn’t active. Reaching out to one of her on-line friends it turned out luckily that this person knew a former student of Kristi’s. The connection was made.

Paige related that she herself had hit hard times, struggling with addiction, and only through reading Gabor Mate’s book, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, and in particular the section about living with pregnancy through addiction, it helped her to recover.

When Cindy was told about this she knew of the book, in fact the section referenced was about her under the pseudonym of Celia. Her daughter, Paige, had read her mother’s story! Cincy didn’t want to meet her daughter in the state she was in and asked to be brought to the hospital. She was determined to become clean before reuniting with her daughter. She did it and met up with Paige. Since then, through the media coverage, another family reached our and has facilitated Cindy being reunited, so far only virtually, with the daughter she had while on the eastside. She remains clean and is doing her best to improve her life. A no less than miraculous story all because of Beyond HELLO.

It is eye opening – everyone really does have a story not apparent by simply looking at them. The lives of both the individuals on the eastside and the students involved with Beyond HELLO have been forevermore altered.

The book, Beyond HELLO: Rekindling the Human Spirit One Conversation at a Time, is available on,,, Langley and Coquitlam Indigo, Black Bond Books in Maple Ridge, and Westgate Flowers in Maple Ridge. The proceeds from each book sold will buy a meal for someone living on the streets through A Better Life Foundation.

Kristi can be reached at to answer questions or to arrange delivery of a larger order locally within the lower mainland.


Meeting adjourned with a toast to connecting, truly connecting, with others.

December 17, 2021


Wayne Fraser, President   Nadja Gehriger, Secretary