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Vancouver, BC V7X 1A1
Vol. 103 No. 46
Gerry Glazier, President
Gabby Dickert, Secretary

UPCOMING MEETING JUNE 8, 2021Ingrid Jarrett, CEO BC Hotel Association
The Past, Present and Future in Tourism

The first-ever female President and CEO of the British Columbia Hotel Association (BCHA), Ingrid Jarrett is an industry powerhouse who has spent the past three decades directly contributing to building the tourism sector across BC and Canada. Her impressive resume spans leadership roles at organization like Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Watermark Beach Resort along with volunteer work in leadership positions on several tourism boards including Tourism Victoria, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA), and Destination British Columbia (DBC, where she served as Vice Chair of the Marketing Committee; Ingrid also was one of 5 members of the Tourism Task Force working on behalf of industry in the creation of Destination BC. Today, Ingrid channels her extensive knowledge and acute insights into supporting, and advocating for, members of the hotel industry province-wide, and leading the hospitality sector out of crisis caused by COVID-19.

Mike Harcourt, former BC Premier & Vancouver Mayor, expert on sustainable communities
Mental health, addiction on the Eastside

Mike Harcourt, helped the province earn its reputation as one of the most liveable places in the world. His focus on conservation and sustainable development – and his resolve to contribute to the transformation of cities and communities has played a significant role in promoting quality of life for those in Canada and abroad. Mike Harcourt brings his experience and enthusiasm to the stage when speaking on the importance of creating vibrant, sustainable cities and communities.

Tom Crean, President, Heritage Gardens
Eco-friendly alternative to traditional burials

The Kearney-Crean family are third and fourth generation funeral directors in Metro Vancouver. In 1908, great-grandfather Thomas Kearney set out to serve families with integrity and compassion - values we will always hold true. Now, in an era of sustainability and environmental consciousness, we have built Heritage Gardens to reflect the values of the families we serve. We are proud to offer a new take on how families and communities can put their loved ones to rest. As our world becomes more and more focused on sustainability, it takes deliberate choices to ensure that we are all focused on a greener future. Often, it only takes simple adjustments and thoughtful changes to ensure that we are focused on improving the environment now and for future generations. Choosing a green, environmentally-friendly burial is no different – all it takes is a conscious effort to make the same plans as traditional burial and opting for a sustainable path. (Source:
Rotary Fellowships are international groups whose members share a common interest. Being part of a fellowship is a way to make friends around the world, explore a hobby or profession, and enhance your Rotary experience. Membership in a fellowship is open to any interested individual. New fellowships are added frequently so for the latest list CLICK HERE.  Some examples:
4x4 vehicles                                      Amateur radio                        Antique autos
Badminton                                        Beer                                      Birdwatching
Chess                                               Cultural heritage                     Cycling
E-clubs                                             Environment                           Ethics
Fishing                                             Flying                                     Gin
Golf                                                 Gourment cooking                    Hiking
Horseback riding                               Hunting                                   Jazz
and the list goes on...
Upcoming Events
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Youth Service Committee meeting (contact
Jun 15, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
International Service Committee meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jun 17, 2021 7:15 PM
Food on the Corner
Jun 19, 2021 11:00 AM
Investment Club (contact Chair for updates on meeting dates)
Jun 24, 2021 6:00 PM
Public Image committee meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jun 25, 2021 10:00 AM
Membership Committee Meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jun 29, 2021 8:30 AM
Public Image committee meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 09, 2021 10:00 AM
Community Service Committee meeting (contact
Jul 13, 2021 1:15 PM
International Service Committee meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 15, 2021 7:15 PM
Food on the Corner
Jul 17, 2021 11:00 AM
Public Image committee meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 23, 2021 10:00 AM
Membership Committee Meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 27, 2021 8:30 AM
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If no written objection is filed with the Secretary within 7 days of June 4, 2021 (by June 11th), Cherie White, will upon payment of the dues and assessments determined by the Board, be declared elected as a member of the Rotary Club of Vancouver recognized by Rotary International.
Cherie's classification TBD
Sponsor: Franz Gehriger
Seconder: Olivia Williams,
RC Princeton
Jason Boudreau June 3rd
at our Club
Saarika Varma 2 years
Pierre Adjoury 4 years
Michael Woolnough 20 years
John Sullivan 26 years
Jack Zaleski 27 years
Paul Martin 34 years
Tom Crean 41 years
Richard Landahl 42 years
Nick & Marnie Blom
53 years June 3rd

Last Meeting June 1, 2021

Gerry Glazier, President, chaired the meeting.
Gabby Dickert, Secretary, hosted the meeting via ZOOM & introduced guests.
Miya Otake played O Canada on the harp.
President’s Announcements:
  • Welcome to our guests, new and returning, as well as our own members who have taken the time out of their busy lives to be with us today. Thank you for joining us.
  • A huge thank you to our members who have responded to the call out to support the Greater Vancouver Food Banks by donating. All donations have been processed for a net total of $7,900. John Bathurst added that the Vancouver area clubs combined to make donations totalling about $10,500. Obviously our club led the way in the effort. The Mayor of Vancouver has offered to visit our club by way of sending us sincere thanks.
Secretary's announcements:
  • reminders of upcoming events/meetings (see above)
  • birthdays, member club anniversaries, wedding anniversaries (see above)
Special announcements & Members' Moments:
  •  Parisa Adrangi: We really try to get together as best we can during COVID times. Parisa is looking to organize some fellowship gatherings, perhaps a family outing. Ideas are welcome, please send them in. Some examples, biking, walking, outdoor picnic or meal. She is struggling a bit trying to come up with something that would be of interest to a number of people. Hopefully something will come forward that can be scheduled for sometime in June.
  • John Hayto reminded us that our club is part of the virtual student exchange program. They are currently looking for suitable students, aged 15-18. The student does not need to be currently involved with Rotary or from a Rotary family. If you know of anyone, contact John. He will have made a presentation at the Winston Churchill Secondary in hopes of finding someone from there.
  • Wayne Fraser provided a bit of an update regarding the strategic planning process. The team is proposing the following mission, vision, and values statements. These will serve as the backbone of the strategic plan; the guiding foundation to our decisions moving forward. Please review as next week at the Tuesday meeting we will have a short discussion to hear your views.
    Proposed Mission:  To share our collective energy, expertise, and resources with others so that we can make a positive impact in the world.
    Proposed Vision:  We are a club of Vancouver Community Leaders and Rotarian Friends, committed to local and global community work, and playing a relevant role in the modern world.
    Proposed Values:  Service; Leadership; Integrity; Diversity; Inclusivity; Friendship; Goodwill; Fun
Youth Service Committee(John Bathurst, co-chair)
Most members are aware of the very good partnership our club has with Gladstone Secondary. The process to award the Stay In School Scholarships is not an easy one. It starts with identifying students who are academically capable but do not have financial resources to continue their education beyond high school. The comprehensive applications submitted are reviewed initially by the school counsellors before going through the final selection process. These counsellors spend a tremendous amount of time working with the students, encouraging them to apply, and providing the support they need.
COVID has challenged everyone, everywhere, including adjudicating the applicants. However, they are getting through it.
Tommy Paley, Gladstone counsellor shared that the students at Gladstone are hesitant to apply. Only ½ the normal number has applied this year. Not sure why. It is such a highlight being able to share the wonderful news with the scholarship recipients.
For a snapshot view of Gladstone and what life is like there, CLICK HERE to view a short video.
John Bathurst continued by saying that working with Gladstone has been a real highlight for him. Though the youth service committee continues to do wonderful work, there is so much more we can do with youth. If you have a particular interest in helping, have any ideas that you would like to pursue, let the 2021-22 committee chairs, Kendall Jessiman and Gabby Dickert, know about it.
International Service Committee, (Michael Woolnough, co-chair)
Mekdes Gete and Nathan Hesketh have come on as new permanent members of the committee. Additionally, they have both joined the Board of Rotary World Help (RWH).
Mekdes presented the project she has been passionate about. Mekdes has been a Montessori teacher for over 20 years. Education is of paramount importance to her. She founded the Hibret Amharic & Cultural School Society (HAACSS) where she teaches Ethiopian children traditional cultural language, food, music, and dance thereby bridging the gap between their family heritage and their Canadian upbringing. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the scheduled weekly Saturday classes have been given on-line. This year the society was registered as a non-profit.
One of the projects that HAACSS has been working on is to support the Hibret Elementary School, Debre Zeyit, Ethipia. When Mekdes visited their a number of years ago (her home town) she saw that the equipment was in very poor condition. She made the commitment then and there to help them upgrade. The most manageable project to start with was to fundraise for benches, desks. They were successful and 40 were delivered in 2018.
In June 2019, Mekdes visited the school again. This time a new library was brought to the fore as the next project. Mekdes, through HAACSS has been fundraising and working remotely on the project. In April 2020, despite the pandemic, they started construction for the new library. As a side benefit to this being a fabulous thing for student, a number of jobs were provided for the community during construction. As we continue our fundraising efforts, the construction continues. The basic structure is up. There is quite a bit left to do including reinforcing the walls, windows & doors, laying floors, and ultimately finishing the space. They need between $8,000-10,000 to complete the project.
For more information, CLICK HERE. Contact Mekdes if you’d like to talk to her about it.
Michael added that the Ethiopian community, about 3,000 in the lower mainland, put together the funds to send a container to Ethiopia last fall via RWH.
Verona Edelstein let everyone know about a recent proposal received for another project in the Congo. Lucy Hopgood-Brown, a Rotarian in Sydney, Australia, sent the invitation via Verona to our club. There was a pilot project in Lucy’s home village in the Congo with emergency care doctors that went very well. They are now moving on to a full project, being led by a Rotarian and doctor, Margaret Loewen from Colorado. They will be working with the Protestant University in the Congo. Interestingly, Verona discovered that the university was CITA funded – a Canadian connection. Planning is that the project will be over 4 years with an end cost of approximately USD$800,000. They will be working to international standards. The idea is to bring doctors from all over the Congo to Kinshasa, for now virtually, to provide a year long training program for medical health workers. They will be going to get equipment and supplies needed for the program. The 1st year will be training the trainers. Over the 4 years medical personnel all over the country will be trained.
It seems that Lucy who started this in Australia, and Margaret in Colorado, went to school together in the Congo. Verona will be pursuing further discussions next week to decide how our club can support the project.
Michael: The far reaching and collective power of Rotary is enormous. This project and the way Rotarians from different countries connect to make it happen is a perfect example of that.
Sandra Lowe, via Michael, provided a follow up on joint project in the Dominican Republic. A project to help disadvantaged, mostly Haitian immigrants, providing them with support and resources for the benefit of their health and education. This was a private member project that just received a global $130,000 grant.
The Karantina Children’s hospital in Beirut (Cosmopolitan Club in Beirut) was nearly destroyed with the tragic explosion. In response a nearly USD$400,000 global grant was developed. Our club embraced the idea to help in a big way; our contribution was major. 150 clubs in 6 countries combined to provide funding and equipment.
Rene Abi-Rached added that in the area of the hospital, 3-4 other hospitals were horribly damaged or destroyed completely. His Dad was an engineer on the projects when they were initially built. The area of the blast was about ¼ of the area of Hiroshima. Luckily it was close to the water. The blast created a, roughly, 4.0 earthquake.
Michael: learned that a few containers had been sent from eastern Canada, and on the strength of that, knowing that they were received and the contents reached their intended recipients, our CS committee has approved sending a container with medical equipment to Beirut later this year via RWH.
Michael’s own passion lies in Cambodia. They are currently suffering very badly from COVID. Sustainable Cambodia, started by a Rotary group out of Florida, is working on education projects, adopting villages who need water, hygiene resources, etc. Our club is a participant. A report was recently received showing that 2 wells have been drilled in Domrey Sor Village. As a result, 17 families, 77 individuals, will now have clean water easily accessible year round. Without having to carry water, the children can attend school regularly.
Our club through the committee, this year has sponsored and loaded a container to the Philippines (a 2nd one). And also, we helped fund a project led by the West Vancouver Sunrise club (Chris Loat) for water sanitation in Uganda.
Verona: kudos to John Bathurst for bringing the Belinda project to all of the Vancouver area clubs – most of whom contributed.
A personal thank you from President Gerry to Michael for all the work he has done over the years as chair of the committee. Parisa Adrangi will be stepping in as chair of the committee starting in 2021-22 relieving Michael and Ian Storrs, who have been co-chairs.
Meeting adjourned with a toast to Michael Woolnough and the international services committee for all the wonderful work they do.

June 11, 2021


Gerry Glazier, President   Gabby Dickert, Secretary