P.O. Box 48358, Bentall Centre
Vancouver, BC V7X 1A1
Vol. 103 No. 40
Gerry Glazier, President
Gabby Dickert, Secretary

Broek Bosma, Chief Development Officer,
St. Paul's Hospital Foundation 
Update on the new St. Paul's Hospital build

As the Chief Development Officer, Broek Bosma leads all fundraising initiatives and campaigns for St. Paul's Foundation.
Prior to starting with the Foundation in March 2016, Broek held executive positions with several non-profit organizations throughout Canada including Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and more recently as Associate Vice President of External RElations at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.
Broek studied music at the University of British Columbia and at Zurich University of the Arts before working as a conductor for almost a decade. After graduating with an MBA from the University of Northern BC, Broek transferred his leadership skills to the non-profit sector where he continues to engage with the community and focus on building the future of health care in BC.

Dr. Adriana Zylmans, President, & Mr. Erik van der Ven, Vice-President,Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society 
75+1 Commemoration of the Liberation of Holland 1945

Once COVID-19 struck, plans to commemorate the 75 th Anniversary of the Liberation of
the Netherlands by Canadian forces in BC took on a course of its own. The Dutch
Liberation 2020 Canadian Society was founded in 2018. The Society’s mandate was to
especially honour veterans for their sacrifices, to thank Canadian families for their
contributions from 1939 to 1945 and to say “Thank you” to Canada one more time; for
their efforts restored freedom from Nazi occupation in Europe.

Dr. Adriana Zylmans and Mr. Erik van der Ven will present an overview of the events and
activities led by the Society from March 12, 2020 to today and beyond. Also, their
presentation will address the struggles the Dutch people faced during WWII, in
particular the hunger winter of 1945 and the bombardment in Bezuidenhout, near Den
Haag, in the Netherlands.

Peter Bobrowsky, Engineering Geologist, Emeritus Scientist Geological Survey of Canada, Sidney, BC
Hunting for Great Earthquakes and Paleo-Tsunamis



All opinions matter! Yours can help shape the future of our club. Please fill in the short survey. It won't take long. Here is a summary of the questions so you can ponder on your responses before you log in:
  • Our club does not have a mission statement. Provide some key words, phrases and/or general thoughts that you would like to see incorporated in the mission statement.
  • Our club's current vision statement is: "Thinking globally, acting locally working amongst friends who share Rotarian values to help others and make the world a better place." Do you think this is still relevant? If not, provide some key words, phrases and/or general thoughts that you would like to see incorporated in the mission statement.
  • Our club's current values are listed as: "Fellowship, Integrity, Diversity, Service , Leadership." Do you think this is still relevant? If not, provide some key words, phrases and/or general thoughts that you would like to see incorporated in the mission statement.
  • What do you think our club is doing well?
  • What do you think our weak points are?
  • What is happening in your community where our club can contribute more?
  • What is happening in your community that can be seen as a threat to the effectiveness and survival of our club?
  • Is there an action that our club can help you make happen to have a real positive impact in your community?




We welcome our family and friends
near and far to this memorial service

WHEN: Saturday April 24, 2021, 10:00 a.m. PST

HOW: CLICK HERE for link
Service provided by: Delta Funeral Home


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is,
‘what are you doing for others’?”
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Hello Fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors,
District 5040 Interactors invite you to participate in our Acts of Kindness initiative from April 18th - 24th 2021
Darcy Long endorses this initiative.
In celebration of Dave Hamilton & all he means to us please do an additional Act
of Kindness in his name.
For the 2021 year, we have designed a COVID-19 friendly campaign for your clubs to take part in.  After all, KINDNESS IS FREE.
Rotary International was founded by Paul Harris, who was born April 19th, 1868. The Chicago attorney formed the Rotary Club of Chicago on February 23, professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas, form meaningful, lifelong friendships and give back to their communities.

Rotary Acts Of Kindness 2021 hopes to serve as a unique and fun initiative to better our communities and bring kindness to the world in these times of hardship. Remember kindness is free. In recognition of Rotary’s founder, our Acts Of Kindness week will take place over Paul Harris’ birthday week (April 18th - April 24th, 2021).   We hope to expand this project to a global scale and involve as many Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors as possible!

Interact Act of Kindness Committee
#ROTARYACTSOFKINDNESS2021          @rotaryactsofkindness2021
CLICK HERE for more details.
Upcoming Events
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Community Service Committee meeting (contact
May 11, 2021 1:15 PM
Public Image committee meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
May 14, 2021 10:00 AM
Food on the Corner
May 15, 2021 11:00 AM
Youth Service Committee meeting (contact
May 18, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
International Service Committee meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
May 20, 2021 7:15 PM
Membership Committee Meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
May 25, 2021 8:30 AM
Investment Club (contact Chair for updates on meeting dates)
May 27, 2021 6:00 PM
Public Image committee meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
May 28, 2021 10:00 AM
Community Service Committee meeting (contact
Jun 08, 2021 1:15 PM
Public Image committee meeting (contact
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jun 11, 2021 10:00 AM
Youth Service Committee meeting (contact
Jun 15, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Rene Fluri Apr 20th
at our Club
none this week
Sandra & Chris Lowe
35 years Apr 26th

Last Meeting April 20, 2021

Gerry Glazier, President, chaired the meeting.
Gabby Dickert, Secretary, hosted the meeting via ZOOM & introduced guests.
Miya Otake played O Canada on the harp.
President’s Announcements:
  • Welcome to our guests, new and returning, as well as our own members who have taken the time out of their busy lives to be with us today. Thank you for joining us.
  • Noted per John Bathurst, the District Year Ahead membership session on April 24th has updated the time so it won't be in conflict with Dave's memorial service. It now is set for 2:00 p.m. start (from the original 10:00 a.m.) on Saturday April 24th.
Secretary's announcements:
  • reminders of upcoming events/meetings (see above)
  • birthdays, member club anniversaries, wedding anniversaries (see above)
Special announcements & Members' Moments:
  • Wayne Fraser provided info about the upcoming Strategic Planning sessions. He reminded everyone to please fill out the survey. Wayne is working with ADG John Bathurst, PDG Bala Naidoo, who will be facilitating the sessions, and the RCoV executive team. 

    It was noted that the initial email requesting participation in the survey did not include the club's mission and vision statements. An update email will be sent to all. Of course not everyone can or want to attend the sessions, however, the survey is a great way to have your voice heard regardless.

    Joan Posivy added that she highly recommends our newer members to participate in the sessions, as she did when she was new to our club. It provides a much broader scope of what the club is involved with and what it stands for.

    One of the main questions that will need to be answered will be what the club's objectives will be moving into the next year, including what will our member meetings look like as we make the transition to a post-covid world. 

    We want to keep it simple, focused, and relevant. 
  • Rotarian face masks are still available, $10 a piece. Contact Gabby or Carolyn to order.
Jim Evans introduced our speaker, Mindy Tulsi-Ingram, Founder and CEO, Green & Green Gifts with Flair. Mindy is a long-time member of our club.
Mindy spoke about how COVID has affected and changed us. Pre-pandemic, our lives were made up of very distinct pods – work, family, friends. With COVID all of these merged into one -- work, home, and play. We lost the ability to freely move about between various groups and at one level or another were relegated to our home base.
Not a single person in the world has been untouched by this pandemic. Our tourism industry was the hardest hit – restaurants, hotels. Schools & universities have had to scramble to reinvent themselves to support virtual learning.
Everyone has a story. Recently Mindy met a young mother who told her it was the 1st time in nine months that she’s been outside with her new baby. The risk here is that the lack of social interaction may result in delayed learning. It’s extremely tough on people, of all ages.
Another lady, 99 years old, went out for the 1st time in over a year, to get her vaccine. It has been a difficult and lonely time.
Mindy caught COVID in oct 2020. It had felt like she was fighting a cold then lost her sense of smell so decided a test would be prudent. She was totally taken by surprise by the positive result. How did she get it!? She had been so careful. She was filled with shame, worry and anxiety. She worried about everyone around her, her employees, her family. She had no exit plan if she were to die.
Luckily it turned out to be a mild case, as it was for her husband and son who caught it as well. They are all very grateful for that fact. All of her employees were tested, all negative, thankfully.
Not being able to see our loved ones, friends, family, coworkers, is taking its toll. Despite all of this COVID has given us some gifts.
We have managed to learn new things, how to do things digitally, how to do things without meeting in person. Certainly, everyone knows how to wash their hands, thoroughly and frequently.
We should celebrate our resilience, that we are getting through it.  We, the collective we, need a strong recognition for gratitude.
How do we go from here into the transformed world? How can we do that? We will need to manage the healing, instill the feeling of abundance. It involves some risk, putting yourself out there. It all starts with you and me.
Starting with yourself means taking care of yourself by eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep. The generosity starts with you.
Mindy has been in the business of gift giving for 28 years. She has seen 1st hand the benefits of generosity and recipricocity. It is beyond a simple thank you. It is making gestures in small ways – a smile, an acknowledgement. Be appreciative of all life has to give, even in these times of restriction. Be mindful of others – we don’t know their stories. Be the hero – be the first to step up and show gratitude and appreciation.
How do we do this? How do we engage more? Start with the language you use – do you praise or paralyze. Use visual queues – smile with your eyes. Listen to others without judgement. These positive emotions invigorate people more than you’ll know at the time.
A hint: perfect, amazing, wonderful – these are 3 words that always have a positive effect on others. Incorporate them into your regular vocabulary.
Mindy’s family has been touched by COVID, not just Mindy and her immediate family. Her niece’s husband, in Dubai, caught COVID. For a while he was hanging by a thread. They didn’t know if he would make it. The family, who are located all over the world got together on line to offer support and connection. Pre-covid it wouldn’t have occurred to them that this was possible. Thankfully he is recovering.
In closing, it is worthy to note that everyone is struggling with something. Care intently, come from a place of forgiveness and compassion.
Mindy hopes that today you have been inspired to look at others with perhaps a little different perspective. With a spirit of generosity. Every day you can so simple things to help others feel better. When we feel good, we automatically want to be good to others. That is the circle of caring.
Meeting adjourned with a toast to emerging from COVID safely and the nice weather here in Vancouver that we can enjoy.

May 07, 2021


Gerry Glazier, President   Gabby Dickert, Secretary