Vol. 102 No. 43
Bill Davidson, President
Parisa Adrangi, Secretary

MEETING MAY 12, 2020 (virtual)
Elena Schonlau, Rotaractor and Cancer Researcher
Genetics and Cancer Treatment

Elena Schönlau obtained a Master’s degree from Technische Universität Braunschweig (Germany) in Biology with focus on Bioinformatics and Infection Biology in 2018. In August 2018 she moved to Vancouver and worked four months in a zero waste store before she started her current job as a Laboratory Research Assistant at the Vancouver Prostate Centre. Elena joined Rotaract in 2015, was Secretary and President of the German Rotaract Club Braunschweig-Wolfsburg, became a member of the Vancouver Young Professionals Rotaract Club in October 2018, and was the chair for Pacific Canada Experience (PACE) 2019.
The treatment of cancer, a genetic disease that causes every sixth death in the world, may change significantly in the future using the patient’s unique genetic information. The relatively new technology of next-generation sequencing uncovers the genetic changes within the patient’s cancer, and these genetic changes can then be used to determine a treatment more specific to the patient.


NEXT MEETING MAY 19, 2020 (virtual)
Gregg Howald, Island Conservation's Director of Global and External Affairs
Rescuing West Coast Island Bird life through Rodent Eradication

Gregg Howald is one of the world’s foremost experts in island restoration – over the past 15 years he has directed, consulted, advised, participated in and/or managed rodent eradication projects on more than 20 islands in 5 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, and Micronesia.

Gregg has been directly involved with the development, planning, managing and/or directing island rodent eradication projects in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska (Rat Island; Bay of Islands – Adak); Haida Gwaii (Langara, Lucy, Cox); Channel Islands, California (Anacapa Island; Farallon Islands; San Miguel Island; Alcatraz Island); Gulf of California, Mexico (San Pedro Martir, San Jorge, Farrallon de San Ignacio, Isabel); Caribbean (Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico; Banco Chinchorros, Mexico); Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (Rabida Island); Hawaiian Islands (Lehua Island; Wake Island); Line Islands (Palmyra Atoll); Caroline Islands, Micronesia (Ant Atoll, Pohnpei State Islands; Fanna Island, Palau; Yap). He has also been involved with and participated in the design of a strategic approach to rodent eradications in the Aleutian Archipelago, Alaska, USA; Galapagos Islands, Ecuador; and Micronesia (including Palau).


Rotary District 5040 “Roskars” Awards 2020

Our club has a number of nominees in the running
Be sure to join in on the event to celebrate them!

Fancy Hats and Glasses Cocktail Hour
Awards Zoom Extravaganza

(Affectionately known as Plan B)

Sunday May 24th 4:00-5:00 PM via ZOOM

The District Awards will be presented by your Host
DG Bala Naidoo and his sidekick Tom Smith.

The awards being presented are:

  • Rotary Club of the Year -- Nominated by Assistant Governors
  • Rotarian of the Year -- Nominated by member and approved by Club Presidents
  • Don Evans People of Action Awards -- Nominated by you through your Assistant Governor
  • Membership Awards -- Determined by statistics in Rotary Club Central (make sure you are updated in Rotary Club Central
Wear your fancy hat and bring your favourite cocktail to this Zoom meeting. ZOOM invitations with log-in details will be provided soon. In the meantime, the event is posted on the District's Facebook page.

Stay-at-Home Hoop-a-Thon

Each year Vancouver Rotary Clubs & Rotaractors have joined with you to raise funds at our Strathcona Rotary Youth Leadership Hoop-A-Thon.  Thanks to you we have raised over $365,000 for these kids since 2006. We can’t hold an event this year, but the kids still need support and we are fundraising to help!
Because of the generosity of Rotarians, our Clubs, a Rotary District Grant, along with a major contribution by the Hoop-Law Tournament - and corporate donors, we have already raised over $38,000. If you can add to this with a small donation, it would be so appreciated. If not, we understand.  All money raised will be awarded for scholarships, youth leadership training and the Strathcona Basketball Program.  
To make a donation go to our Charitable Impact page, CLICK HERE. You will receive an instant tax receipt. 
FUND MATCHING BONUS - The Vancouver Basketball Foundation™ will match online donations up to $5,000!
What does this mean?? When our online donations reach $5,000 VBF will add another $5,000! With this help form the VBF and you, donations will be over $48,000 in total... AND, we are very close to hitting $50,000 again this year!  
The Vancouver Basketball Foundation™ is a non-profit, community first organization. Our programs, initiatives and events serve the community by encouraging physical and mental wellness with the broader goal of impacting communities, building leaders and supporting sustainability. CLICK HERE to learn more about them. 
To read more about our Strathcona Rotary Youth Leadership Project and to watch our Hoops-At-Home Video featuring Global BC’s Chris Gailus & Yvonne Schalle CLICK HERE.
On behalf of the kids, thank you for your support.
Justin Emilio
Kids Help Phone has undertaken some new initiatives, in particular to support the battle against COVID-19.  Given the added stresses that everyone is experiencing (by both youth and adults), it’s not surprising that demand for their services remains consistently high, up 63% for Texting and 55% for Phone since COVID-19 began.
New adult support services have been added. Below are links to resources for both youth and adults.
Please share with anyone you think may need support.
  • In partnership with Crisis Text Line, Kids Help Phone is offering crisis response across Canada, for all ages. In this moment of heightened anxiety, we are always there in any moment of need to support you. Text FRONTLINE to 741741 to access free, confidential 24/7 mental health support in both official languages.
  • We have partnered with the Government of Canada and other partners to create a web-based platform for mental health and addictions support services, called Wellness Together Canada. This service is available to adults in Canada for free, 24/7.
  • We published a number of online tools and clinically-researched resources on our website for supporting the young people in your life during COVID-19. This may be helpful to you as your members support the young people closest to them. Our confidential, 24/7 phone-based counselling service (1-800-668-6868) and texting service for youth (CONNECT to 686868) are available to young people everywhere.
Upcoming Events
please click on the titles for more info for specific events
Youth Service Committee meeting (contact Chair, John Bathurst, for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jun 02, 2020
International Service Committee meeting (contact Chair, Ian Storrs, for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jun 18, 2020 7:30 PM
Membership Committee Meeting (contact Chair, Franz Gehriger, if you'd like to join in)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jun 30, 2020 8:30 AM
Youth Service Committee meeting (contact Chair, John Bathurst, for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 07, 2020
View entire list


Wilf Wassersleben May 7th
Robert Dueck May 9th
at our Club
none this week
Kaz & Natsuyo Kadono
26 years, May 7th
Paul & Heather Martin
42 years, May 6th

Last Meeting, May 5th, 2020

Bill Davidson, President, chaired the meeting and gave the invocation.
Thomas Reppchen hosted the meeting via ZOOM.
President’s Announcements:
  • Thanks to Thomas for hosting the meeting via ZOOM.
  • Great to see Leo Allas join us, who has been quarantined in his senior’s home in West Vancouver.  
  • Welcome as well to our many guests today. All introduced themselves.
  • COVID-19 has certainly presented its challenges for many organizations that rely on fundraising events. Just a few examples are the annual Strathcona Hoop-a-thon, the annual Rib-Fest in Port Moody (that normally brings in for the organizing clubs in excess of $100,000), and of course, our own Hearing Foundation Bike-a-thon.

    The respective organizing committees are busy working, thinking outside the box, to come up with alternate means of hosting events virtually. We have all received emails with donation appeals. Bala mentioned, during his talk here a couple of weeks ago about stretching ourselves away from what we know as normal and through ideas about, however crazy they may be. (This reminded me of Paul McCrae’s thinking.)

    If you have any ideas, reach out to the respective committee’s chair. Your participation is always welcome.
  • If anyone has any volunteer hours, outside of committee meetings, please send to Carolyn as soon as you can so that we can update our data with RI. Thanks to Jack committee meeting time commitments are already being tallied

Parisa Adrangi, provided the Secretary's announcements:
  • reminders of upcoming events/meetings (see above)
  • birthdays: Wilf Wassersleben May 7th, Robert Dueck May 9th
  • member club anniversaries:  none this week
  • wedding anniversaries:  Kaz & Natsuyo Kadono 26 years May 7th, Paul & Heather Baker 42 years May 6th
Special announcements and members' moments:
  • Peter Clarke, Chair of the District 5040 Awards Committee, encouraged us all to attend the 2020 awards event (see above for details). Bring glasses of your choice, on your face or in your hand, and attend this approximately 1 hour event to celebrate our own. Our club has a number of nominees, let’s attend to support them.
  • Gary Chomyn, as Chair of the Strathcona Rotary Youth Leadership Hoop-a-thon, provided an update. Though the event has had to be cancelled,
    • The organizing committee is working on ensuring that Rotary is still part of the conversation, raising awareness.
    • They are continuing to raise funds for the cause – supporting the Strathcona community and providing scholarships.
    • They have, with a less aggressive fundraising campaign, already raised more than $38,000 in donations.
    • They are hoping to match last year’s total of over $50,000. Given what has already been raised, this is definitely a reachable goal. Vancouver Basketball Federation has committed to matching donations up to a total of $5,000.
    • Thanks to all involved, supporting this cause, from 5 different Rotary Clubs, including our own Justin Emilio.
    • They will be reviewing 11 scholarship applications this year. Last year they provided $30,000 in scholarships.
    • CLICK HERE for more information about the Hoop-a-Thon, and how they are working around the limitations imposed by COVID-19. Perhaps make a donation, however small. It all adds up.

      The Coronavirus WILL NOT STOP Vancouver ROTARY Clubs from Helping the Kids!
  • Gerry Glazier, in keeping with the info from Gary re the hoop-a-thon, had a video show that he received from the Britannia Secondary girls basketball team. CLICK HERE to view the short video.
  • Adriana Zylmans brought attention to and encouraged us to take a look at the CBC’s coverage of the 75th Anniversary celebration of the Dutch Liberation. Some CBC links of interest:
    • Canadians liberate Holland in 1945, Archives, Canadian Army Newsreel, video, CLICK HERE
    • Liberators of the Netherlands in 1945, today Canada's Armed Forces are eclipsed by Dutch military, article by Robert Smol, May 04, 2020, CLICK HERE
    • 500,000 red tulips bloom in B.C. marking 75 years since Canadian-led liberation of Netherlands, article by Lien Yeung, May 05, 2020, CLICK HERE
    • New Heritage Minute tells story of life-long love, sparked in aftermath of occupation of the Netherlands, video & article by Rafferty Baker, May 05, 2020, CLICK HERE
  • Jim Evans, contacted by a dentist friend who has some x-ray machines to donate. Jim will connect with the RWH.
Fred West introduced this week’s speaker, Diane Clement. Diane is an incredible human being who continues to enjoy life to its fullest. She showed herself to be so humble and thankful; knowing the legacy that she has built for all of us we were lucky to have her speak to us.
Diane had a couple of very important life lessons that she has learned along her journey to share:
  1. Teamwork is incredibly important. With good teamwork goals, some very lofty goals, can be attained. As she pointed out, Rotary is a fine example of this.
  2. When you fall, get up and finish the race, no matter what. Find the strength within yourself, trust in your team to help you. You can do it, regardless of what your personal goals are, you can get there with the right attitude and perseverance. This is so important, especially during tough times such as we are facing now with COVID-19.
Diane spoke of currently living a very full life with her husband, Doug. She answered questions about how she transitioned into the chef/author business. What it was like working with the Canadian track team during the Ben Johnson fiasco, and the newest fitness venture she and Doug are heading up working with our local indigenous peoples.
Below is a bio for Diane, sourced from
Diane Clement was born in Moncton, New Brunswick in 1936. Growing up, she was an all-round athlete at Moncton High School and ran for the Moncton Olympic Track Club. At the 1954 Canadian Olympic Training Programme in Toronto, she successfully broke both Canadian records in the 100 and 220 yard dash. By 1956, she was a sprinter on Canada’s track team for the Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia. Diane competed in the 100 and 220 yard dash, and 440 yards relay. Diane became the first New Brunswick man or women athlete to compete in the summer or Winter Olympics. Diane’s athletic career continued to flourish once she moved to Vancouver in 1957 to train for the Commonwealth Games. In 1958, she participated in the Cardiff, Wales Commonwealth Games and was awarded a bronze medal for the 440 yards Relay. In 1959 she became the first woman to coach the University of British Columbia’s women’s track team, a remarkable step forward for women in the sport system.
Diane has been involved in five other Summer Olympics, taking on a variety of roles that include sprinter, team manager and media liaison. She became the president of Athletics Canada from 1973 to 1976 and she also became the Host Country President for the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal. Her position as a media liaison from 1982- 1988 for Athletics Canada has enabled her to be involved in two Olympics, two World Champions and one Commonwealth Games. In addition, she was the technical representative for the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).
Diane’s presence in the sport world is very influential, as she has served on the board of directors for many organizations including Sport BC, the Bid Committee 2010 Winter Games, BC Sports Hall of Fame and the Achilles International Track and Field Society. With her husband, Doug, she was the co-founder of the Richmond Kajaks Track and Field Club, one of the strongest track and field clubs in Canada. A significant contribution to the City of Vancouver is when she co-founded the Vancouver Sun Run with Doug and the Achilles International Track and Field Society, which is now one of the top 10K Road Races in the world.
Diane is also recognized as a very accomplished chef and cookbook author. She was the co-founder/co-owner/chef of the Tomato Fresh Food Café with her daughter Jennifer in Vancouver and was the former host of Global TV’s “Saturday’s Chefs”. Diane’s eight Canadian bestselling, ‘Chef on the Run’ cookbook series is an example of her passion for spreading her knowledge of healthy eating and exercise to the community. Her most recent book release is titled, Start Fresh! Your Complete Guide to Midlifestyle Food and Fitness, with Chef and Doctor On The Run, Diane and Dr. Doug Clement.
Diane is a passionate, active contributor to her community, a leader in sport and recreation, chef and television host. In the past 50 years she has contributed as a coach, manager, official and administrator by assisting athletes to reach top rankings in both Canada and at the Olympics. She continues to devote her time to the promotion and development across the country and is truly an example of an outstanding mentor and role model for athletes and the community at large.
Diane’s accomplishments include:
  • Honoured member of the Order of Canada (2020)
  • Author of 8 Canadian best-selling Chef on the Run cookbook series
  • Honoured member of the BC Sports Hall of Fame (2016)
  • City of Richmond recognized the Clements as the founders of the Richmond Kajaks and created Clement Track at Minoru Park
  • Honoured member of New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame (1979)
  • Honoured member of Moncton Sports Wall of Fame (1986)
  • Nominee BC Entrepreneur of the Year Award (1996 and 1997)
  • Received Queen Jubilee medal 2002 for contribution to fitness and sport
  • Received with husband the International Lions Medal of Merit for lifetime contribution to sport and healthy lifestyle (May 2010)
  • Past president and founding member of Les Dames d’Escoffier International, BC chapter
  • Co-founder of Vancouver Sun Run
  • Sports Management o Media Liaison – Athletics Canada 1982-l988: Including 2 Olympics, 2 World championships and 1 Commonwealth Games o IAAF Technical Representative for International Competitions: 1992-l994
  • Media Co-ordinator- Achilles International Track Society for: The Harry Jerome Track Classic and the Vancouver Sun Run
  • National Advisory Sports Committee – the Air Canada Sports Awards
  • Board of Directors: B.C. Sports Hall of Fame
  • Board of Directors: Achilles International Track Society
  • Board of Directors: Sport B.C.
  • Co- Mayor with Dr. Doug Clement Athletes Village– Commonwealth Games, Victoria, B.C. 1994
  • Co-Mayor with Dr. Doug Clement, Paralympics Games Village, Vancouver, 2010
  • Vancouver Playhouse Bacchanalia Dinner Chair
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation Gala Committee Chair, 2010
  • Board of Directors: The Vancouver International Film Festival
  • Restaurateur: Co-founder and owner: Tomato Fresh Food Cafe: 1991-2001
  • 2010 VANOC Olympic Bid Board of Directors
Meeting adjourned with a toast to food, fitness & fun. Teamwork will get us through.

May 29, 2020


Bill Davidson, President   Parisa Adrangi, Secretary