Vol. 102 No. 50
Bill Davidson, President
Parisa Adrangi, Secretary

NEXT MEETING JUNE 30, 2020 (virtual)
Club Day!!
The final meeting of the 2019-20 year

Bill Davidson will chair his last full member meeting as our President. He and some of our committee Chairs will provide the year-end wrap-up.

UPCOMING MEETING JULY 7, 2020 (virtual)
Club Day!!
Installation of the 2020-21 Board

Please join us to welcome our new Board. DG Dave Hamilton will be in attendance for the  installation of our 2020-21 Board:
  • President, Gerry Glazier
  • President-Elect, Wayne Fraser
  • Immediate Past President, Bill Davidson
  • Secretary, Gabby Dickert
  • Treasurer, Kaz Kadono
  • Director, Parisa Adrangi (2020-21)
  • Director, Stu Bird (2020-21)
  • Director, Min Kuang (2020-21)
  • Director, Joan Posivy (2020-22)
  • Director, Navid Morawej (2020-22)
  • Director, Ryan Crean (2020-22)
The sinking of the titanic must have been a miracle to the lobster in the kitchen.
Upcoming Events
please click on the titles for more info for specific events
International Service Committee meeting (email for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 16, 2020 7:30 PM
Membership Committee Meeting (email for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 28, 2020 8:30 AM
Food on the Corner
Aug 15, 2020 11:00 AM
International Service Committee meeting (email for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Aug 20, 2020 7:30 PM
Membership Committee Meeting (email for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Aug 25, 2020 8:30 AM
Youth Service Committee meeting (email for meeting invite)
Aug 25, 2020 11:00 AM
Investment Club (contact Chair for updates on meeting dates)
Aug 27, 2020 6:00 PM
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If no written objection is filed with the Secretary within 7 days of June 26, 2020 by July 2, 2020
Nathan Hesketh
will upon payment of the dues and assessments determined by the Board, be declared elected as a member of the Rotary Club of Vancouver recognized by Rotary International.
The classification that Nathan will hold is
Investments - Financial Planning”.
Proposer: Parisa Adrangi
Seconder: Franz Gehriger
If no written objection is filed with the Secretary within 7 days of June 26, 2020 by July 2, 2020
Daniel Hawreluk
Darren Radbourne
will upon payment of the dues and assessments determined by the Board, be declared elected as corporate members of the Rotary Club of Vancouver, joining Iredale Architecture recognized by Rotary International.
The classification that Daniel & Darren will hold is
Architecture - Commercial”.
Proposer: Kendall Jessiman
Seconder: Graham Coleman
Barbara Welsh June 23
David Motion June 25
Tom Calkin June 28
at our Club
Victoir Wu 3 years
Kayo Otake 16 years
Milton Kiang & Emily Geng
4 years, June 26

Bill & Candice Davidson
36 years, June 29

John & Jane Bathurst
50 years, June 26
Bill & Luise Schulz
53 years, June 24
Paul & Lynne McCrea
59 years, June 24

Last Meeting June 23, 2020

Bill Davidson, President, chaired the meeting and gave the invocation.
Thomas Reppchen hosted the meeting via ZOOM.
President’s Announcements:
  • Thanks to Thomas for hosting the meeting via ZOOM.
  • Welcome guests, potential members, returning guests, and first-timers.
  • Photos shared:
    • from Easter Seals House. Cheque presentation last week.
    • Salvation Army on Fraser St., packing food last Friday June 19th (volunteering available 1-3 p.m. every week)
    • Food on the Corner, with Rotaractor Ben & Sunrise members, last Saturday, June 20th  - not too busy yet. Approx. 30 customers. Following strict guidelines with a reduced menu offered.
  • Franz received PH+8 pin for ongoing donations to The Rotary Foundation. Congratulations Franz!
Parisa Adrangi, provided the Secretary's announcements:
  • reminders of upcoming events/meetings (see above)
  • birthdays: Barbara Welsh June 23rd, David Motion June 25th, Tom Calkin June 28th
  • member club anniversaries:  Victoir Wu 3 years, Kayo Otake 16 years
  • wedding anniversaries: Milton Kiang & Emily Geng 4 years June 16th, Bill & Candice Davidson 36 years, June 29th, John & Jane Bathurst 50 years, June 26th, Bill & Lise Schulz 53 years June 24th, Paul & Lynne McCrae 59 years, June 24th 
Special announcements and members' moments:
  • Parisa Adrangi shared a thought of the day – The sinking of the titanic must have been a miracle to the lobster in the kitchen. Stay positive!
  • Tom Calkin played golf back there in Nova Scotia, yahoo.
  • Barbara Welsh, for those fundraising she recommend utilizing the facebook fundraising option. She has been able to bring in a fair amount, worth doing. Reaches people you may not normally think of.
  • Stephanie Lawton shared that her daughter in law, who has been trying to get pregnant for a long time, has finally been able to do so. Time to celebrate!
  • Michael Woolnough let everyone know that if anyone is wanting to go to Convention in Taiwan, special rate available until this Friday.
  • Gerry Glazier, both he and John B have completed the Grants course so if any committees in the club want to apply please contact them.
  • John Bathurst, if you register for the international conference, there is a member, Dan, in Richmond who is organizing pre-conference trips and affordable accommodation. Contact John for more info.
Milton Kiang introduced our guest speaker, Vindy Teja who he met 10 years ago at a BNI event and have been friends since. Vindy is a graduate of The University of British Columbia and Western Law School, and following her call to the B.C. Bar, she discovered her coaching passion as Career Development Director at Western Law School, where she also wrote a comprehensive legal career resource manual.
Now, life often throws us unique challenges, and Vindy has most definitely had her share of ups and downs. This included personal and career challenges, and having to deal with often debilitating self-doubts that resulted in a personal journey of deconstructing what happiness really meant for her
Vindy gave thanks for the invitation to speak. Handout received with questions – for your reference and to use during the talk.
A few years ago, Vindy adopted the title of the talk as a personal philosophy. All of us have most likely had the experience of being denied change from vending machines. Change is inevitable. The proof is not only everywhere in Vindy’s own life, but everywhere around us.
Some change is really difficult to navigate, some have lost their significance. Life is characterized by a lot of change. Understand that.
Within the space of 4 years, Vindy lost her father, endured multiple fertility treatments, lost 2nd baby during pregnancy, and divorced (not amicably). Having always been the goody two shoes, following all the rules and expecting things to go as planned, she had to find a way to focus quickly while in the throes of all the adversity she was experiencing to continue to thrive and ultimately succeed.
#1 lesson, change is inevitable
Accepting this was a process, but liberating. Understanding that not if, but when & where change will occur, and how to prepare. This helped to deal with her grief. She leaned on those who loved and cared for her. She sought out resources, helped to process emotions and identify the areas that needed fixing. Reinforced her values. Definitely emerged more determined and strong individual.
#2 Change is like a muscle
The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. Inevitably you will find that you can become more and more comfortable with changes as they came along. The unexpected bonus Vindy found was a better sense of humour. After the crying is done, laughter takes over. With time comes perspective, with perspective comes an ability to see the lighter side of things.
#3 Change is a chance to grow
Look for the opportunities and the beauty that lay within change. Rather than Why Me, adopt Try Me, or What’s Here For Me approach. While in the midst of the struggle, realize that circumstances can leave you stronger, wiser, and more loving. Get to a point to be able to look back and recognize the opportunities that have been presented to you.
Find ways to share learning. Vindy found opportunities for a new endeavor as a professional coach, try to shift people’s thinking. Her YOLO: Essential Life Hacks for Happiness book became another tool and vehicle to share solutions with people. You only live once, make the most of it.
In the midst of covid and black-lives matter she has gone back to hacks. Happiness hacks. Mindset happiness hacks:
  • QTIP (quit taking it personally)
  • THINK, true, helpful, insiring, necessary, kind?
  • GIVING BACK by helping others we help ourselves
Happiness is not about smiling 24/7. Not about avoiding problems, insecurities, doubts – those will always come. It’s about knowing how to handle it. This can lead to experiencing a type of emotional freedom and spiritual release that enable opportunities to improve life and level of happiness.
Many are struggling with all the changes that are occurring now – a lot is about authenticity, be honest with your kids, with yourself. In the case of our youth, don’t jump to solutions, listen carefully to them first. We all need to be heard.
In closing, look for new ideas that come with change. Ideas that will empower you to find your happiness, feed it, maintain it.
The focus of Vindy’s book, YOLO: Essential Life Hacks for Happiness, is to break down the puzzle of happiness into smaller parts. Mindful living and self development. Originated because of a health scare, written for her daughter. Guide for anyone going through transition. CLICK HERE to access via Amazon
Meeting adjourned with a toast to making positive changes to those aspects of our lives that we can change.

July 17, 2020


Gerry Glazier, President   Gabby Dickert, Secretary