Vol. 102 No. 47
Bill Davidson, President
Parisa Adrangi, Secretary

MEETING JUNE 9, 2020 (virtual)
Jim Allworth, Portfolio Strategist, RBC Dominion Securities
Investment Management in Times of COVID-19

Raised in Toronto, Jim has resided in Vancouver with his wife Rojeanne since 1975. He is a graduate of Simon Fraser University (Econ). Jim has been in the investment business for more than 50 years, as both a research analyst and portfolio strategist. Through more than four decades at RBC Dominion Securities (and predecessor Pemberton), Jim has developed investment policy for the firm and translated that into solutions for individual clients. He is the RBC Dominion Securities investment
strategist and Co-Chair of the Global Portfolio Advisory Committee.

Jim will speak on the outlook for the global and Canadian economies and financial markets.



NEXT MEETING JUNE 16, 2020 (virtual)
Greg D'Avignon, President and CEO, Business Council of BC
Doing business in BC during these times.

Greg D’Avignon is the President and CEO of the Business Council of B.C., a 250-member driven policy and advocacy organization comprised of the province’s leading businesses in every sector of the provincial economy and B.C.’s post-secondary institutions. Collectively BCBC members employ 25 percent of the province’s labour force.
A fourth generation British Columbian, Greg has held senior private and public sectors leadership positions over the last 25 years, including serving the Prime Minister of Canada. He is a frequent contributor, facilitator and commentator on business and public policy issues that influence the economy and prosperity of Canada and British Columbia.

Greg is the past-Chair of the BC Cancer Foundation and former Chair of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. He is a current member of the Board of the YMCA of Greater Vancouver, Co-Chair of the YMCA What Really Matters Capital Campaign, and a Board member of the Premier’s Indigenous Business Investment Council and the BC Academic Health Science Network. Greg was a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and has been named one of Vancouver’s Power 50 list of influencers.


Victoir Wu, as a caring Club member, has made a great offer for all of us.
He has a supply of masks that he is offering to all of us, younger or older, at wholesale prices.
If you are immuno-compromised, or have family members who are, give Victoir a call.
He will be able to provide the masks to you for better than wholesale.
If you are interested and would like more information
please reach out to Victoir directly
Keep smiling under your face mask -- it shows in your eyes!
Upcoming Events
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Membership Committee Meeting (contact Chair, Franz Gehriger, for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jun 30, 2020 8:30 AM
RCoV Board meeting
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 09, 2020 4:00 PM
International Service Committee meeting (contact Chair, Ian Storrs, for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 16, 2020 7:30 PM
Membership Committee Meeting (contact Chair, Franz Gehriger, for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Jul 28, 2020 8:30 AM
Youth Service Committee meeting (contact Chair, John Bathurst, for meeting invite)
virtual ZOOM meeting
Aug 04, 2020
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A warm welcome to our newest club member: Brian Gusko. 
Welcome to our Rotary family Brian.
Jason Boudreau June 3rd
Paul McCrae June 8th
at our Club
none this week
Wayne & Rose-Marie Fraser
29 years, June 8th
Stephanie Lawton & David Neima
 46 years, June 8th
Nick & Marnie Blom
53 years, June 3rd

Last Meeting June 2nd, 2020

Bill Davidson, President, chaired the meeting and gave the invocation.
Miya Otake played O Canada on her harp.
Thomas Reppchen hosted the meeting via ZOOM.
President’s Announcements:
  • Thanks to Thomas for hosting the meeting via ZOOM.
  • Welcome guests, both returning and first-timers.
  • Each year, the first week of June in British Columbia is declared Seniors’ Week. Traditionally a time when we celebrate the contributions of those one million British Columbians who are over the age of 65. During these difficult COVID-19 times 10,000 volunteers have stepped up, throughout the province, providing over 50,000 virtual visits & phone calls, nearly 11,000 grocery deliveries, and over 14,000 meal deliveries to seniors who are isolated. Obviously, we care about our seniors, and as B.C. citizens will do what we can to support them. If you are interested in volunteering call 2-1-1.
  • This week’s District’s 2020 Vision Speakers Series (the link to join is in your email; contact Carolyn if you can’t find it):
    • Wednesday June 3rd 4:00p.m., Fighting Poverty Through Better Sight”, Dr. Marina Roma-March
    • Sunday, June 7th 4:00 p.m., “A year to remember, take-aways and highlights”, DG Bala Naidoo
Parisa Adrangi, provided the Secretary's announcements:
  • reminders of upcoming events/meetings (see above)
  • birthdays: Jason Boudreau June 3rd, Paul McCrae June 8th
  • member club anniversaries:  none this week
  • wedding anniversaries:  Wayne & Rose-Marie Fraser 29 years June 8th, Stephanie Lawton & David Neima 46 years June 8th, Nick & Marnie Blom 53 years June 3rd
Special announcements and members' moments:
  • John Bathurst drew attention to the latest June 2020 edition of The Rotarian magazine. The magazine’s focus is Connecting in a Crisis. Interesting to note that your membership number is on the mailing label; this number is used to set up your MyRotary account. Also a digital version of the magazine is available, Of special note:
    • page 16, what’s available at Rotary’s online Learning Centre
    • page 23, It’s only human, how we tend to dehumanize others
    • page 60, a list of Rotary Fellowships; Fellowships bring Rotarians together from around the world to share common interests
  • Gabby Dickert was interviewed by Navid Morawej. A wonderful way to get to know our members better. Gabby is the incoming Club Secretary for 2020-21. The taped video was shared at the meeting, CLICK HERE to view the entire interview.
  • Gerry Glazier noted that the Community Service Committee is agonizing over volunteering with the current difficult situation we are all in. Food on the Corner is starting up again, so they will look at how it’s being done before we, Rotarians, volunteer. The safety of our members is paramount.

    It was noted that there will be a new insurance carrier effective July 1st. We will have more details on our coverage coming soon.
  • Gary Chomyn let us know that the Hoop-a-thon, even with the fact the event had to cancelled, was able to raise a little over $52,000!!  The committee will have the final list of scholarship recipients ready soon, providing $35,000. This is $5,000 more than last year. Incredible! A sincere thanks to everyone for their support.
John Bathurst, introduced our speaker, Fergal McCarthy, the Peace Programs Manager for Rotary International, joined us from his home office in the States. He thanked Bill & Gerry for the opportunity to speak, and John & Thomas for setting it up.
The Peace Programs Manager position was created in 2018. Its purpose is to “assure strategic synergy among the myriad of peace activities within Rotary International, inclusive of the Peace Centers and the Peacebuilding & Conflict Prevention Area of Focus. Ultimately the intent of this position is to assure a more defined and coordinated approach to peace programs within Rotary.”
There are four main elements of Peace Strategy as it stands today:
  1. Peace Communications
  2. Peace Programs
  3. Peace Centers & Alumni Relations
  4. Peace Partnerships
Here are some very brief highlights.
Peace Communications
The objective is to create integrated and strategically aligned communications framework for Rotary’s work in peace. To take stock of existing mediums and modes of outreach to both our membership and the wider public. To ensure all are fully leveraged for the benefit of Rotary’s peace activities.
To achieve the objectives, there are a number of components, including: peace narrative & peace messaging, peace page, peace brochure, international day of peace campaign, video content, newsletter, magazines and blog page, UN representative network (there is a Rotary rep in each UN office around the world), and Though Leadership Program.
Peace Programs
The objectives of the programs are to evaluate all current peace initiatives offered to our members. To revise existing programs to be more accessible and meaningful for our members. To improve content and marketing of programs where needed. To continually evaluate and improve programs to keep them interesting and rewarding and to retain Rotarian engagement.
Some key programs they are currently looking at:
  • Peacebuilder District Program
  • Global Grants & peace project webinars
  • Rotary Positive Peace Academy
  • Peace Conversations Facilitation Program (MBBI – Mediators Beyond Borders)
  • Inter-country committees, Friendship exchanges, Rotary fellowships
  • Peace Symposium & peace-related events (one coming up in Taipei will concentrate on Inter-country Committees ICCs)
  • Rotary district peace conferences
  • RAG for peace initiatives
  • Rotary Youth Leaders Programs & Rotaract
  • International peace builders certificate program
Peace Centers & Alumni Association
The objectives of these elements are to incorporate the existing Rotary Peace Centers, that are currently really well run and will continue, expansion plan into the Peace Strategy. While leveraging these exciting developments for the benefit of other peace related Rotary projects. Working with the newly created Peace Fellow Alumni Association, leveraging these facilities for both the benefit of Peace Fellows and Rotary International.
New Opportunities
There are plenty of wonderful opportunities for the Peace Programs to pursue. They will continue to strengthen their current partnerships, while considering new avenues where our members can engage with peacebuilding initiatives within their communities and around the world.
They have put together a database of peace fellows who are willing to speak to clubs about their experiences. With everything moving online this opens up  a great opportunity to speak to peace fellows from around the world.
They are looking on how to expand Rotary International’s footprint on peace building. Some opportunities they are looking at:
  • Peacebuilding and the refugee crisis
  • Peacebuilding and gender-based violence
  • Rotary, peacebuilding, and sport
  • Peacebuilding and water security
  • Peacebuilding and cultural property
There is so much to do:
  • Work on ideas on how you take what rotary currently does and frame it in peace to make it more accessible to clubs?
  • Educating club members about global grants, where we are making peace more visible in communities around the globe.
  • Looking at developing a resource where Rotarians can log on to read or resource peace related materials.
  • Working with younger generations to ensure they are more involved. The strategy team did survey recently to identify what topics are of most concern to youth. The environment has been identified as an area of focus. They are working on bringing those areas into focus.
In closing, this is all not to say there isn’t already countless tangible benefits and results that come from all of the Rotary peace programs. There certainly is! Now, what do you want to get involved with? Perhaps join the Rotarian Action Group for Peace. Or what about the Rotary Positive Peace Academy, a free online training course.
Some resources of interest:
  • The Rotary Positive Peace Academy info, CLICK HERE
  • Rotary has partnered with the Institute for Economics and Peace, an independent think tank and leader in the study of peace and conflict, to help address the root causes of conflict and create conditions that foster peace. CLICK HERE for more
  • Peace Projects: Rotarian Action Group for Peace, CLICK HERE
  • Rotary Peace Fellows in Action video (2019), CLICK HERE to view
  • Rotary: Peace Is... video (2016, though still relevant), CLICK HERE to view
Meeting adjourned with a toast to heal the wounds of hatred; to comfort those in sorrow; and to bring peace to those living in areas of unrest.

June 26, 2020


Bill Davidson, President   Parisa Adrangi, Secretary