P.O. Box 48358, Bentall Centre
Vancouver, BC V7X 1A1
Vol. 103 No. 41
Gerry Glazier, President
Gabby Dickert, Secretary

Dr. Adriana Zylmans, President, &
Mr. Erik van der Ven, Vice-President,
Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society 
75+1 Commemoration of the Liberation of Holland

Once COVID-19 struck, plans to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands by Canadian forces in BC took on a course of its own. The Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society was founded in 2018. The Society’s mandate was to especially honour veterans for their sacrifices, to thank Canadian families for their contributions from 1939 to 1945 and to say “Thank you” to Canada one more time; for their efforts restored freedom from Nazi occupation in Europe.

Dr. Adriana Zylmans and Mr. Erik van der Ven will present an overview of the events and activities led by the Society from March 12, 2020 to today and beyond. Also, their presentation will address the struggles the Dutch people faced during WWII, in particular the hunger winter of 1945 and the bombardment in Bezuidenhout, near Den Haag, in the Netherlands.
Dr. Adriana Zylmans has received a royal decoration from His Majesty The King of the Netherlands. At the residence of our Consul-General Henk Snoeken, Adriana received her well deserved ‘Lintje’ for her years of service to the Dutch community in British Columbia.

Dr. Peter Bobrowsky, Engineering Geologist, Adjunct Professor, SFU & UVic, Emeritus Scientist Geological Survey of Canada, Sidney, BC
Hunting for Great Earthquakes and Paleo-Tsunamis

Peter Bobrowsky is a professional archaeologist and geologist with 40 years of experience working as a consultant, scholar, teacher and researcher across the globe. His academic achievements include almost 500 publications. He is the recipient of numerous awards including most notably the Eugene Shoemaker Communications Award for Best Book (2009), the Edward B. Burwell Jr. Award for Engineering Geology (2011), the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012) and the James Harrison Outstanding Achievement Award (2020). Peter strives to understand and explain the crucial links between a diverse and dynamically changing Earth and the evolution of changing societies through history.

Dr. Daniel Kalla, author, ER Physician St. Paul's Hospital
"Lost Immunity", a medical thriller tackling vaccine hesitancy

Author Daniel Kalla produces engrossing novels with an intensity that matches the challenge of his other role as an ER physician at a major downtown teaching hospital. His medical thrillers focus on themes that lie at the heart of his professional life, delving into topics as diverse as pandemics, superbugs, addiction, DNA evidence and patient abuse. His most recent trilogy – The Far Side Of The Sky, Rising Sun Falling Shadow and Nightfall Over Shanghai – tells a little-known but amazing historical chapter of the Second World War, when 20,000 Jews fled Germany to find shelter in only one city: Shanghai, “The Paris of the East”. In his latest novel, Lost Immunity, Daniel tackles the issue of vaccine hesitancy and the potential impact on a global outbreak, applying his real-life experience working on the frontlines through the COVID pandemic.


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Last Meeting April 27, 2021

Gerry Glazier, President, chaired the meeting.
Gabby Dickert, Secretary, hosted the meeting via ZOOM & introduced guests.
Miya Otake played O Canada on the harp.
President’s Announcements:
  • Welcome to our guests, new and returning, as well as our own members who have taken the time out of their busy lives to be with us today. Thank you for joining us.
  • Another reminder of the virtual Rotary Foundation Gala & Fundraiser on May 12th. The cost to attend is a donation of US$100. Check above for more details. The RCoV Strategy Planning sessions will soon be underway.
  • The club's strategy planning sessions will start next week. We really would like to have as much input from you, our members, as possible. If you have not already done so, please fill out the questionnaire as soon as possible. See above for more details.

    Thanks very much to those who've already filled out the questionnaire. So far we have received 20 responses. Though, as mentioned, we are hoping to have many more. 

    Wayne Fraser added that all members have ideas about how we should move into the future, perhaps newer members even more so. New eyes, new ideas. Gabby Dickert mentioned that she knows 1st hand how daunting it may be as a newer member to join in on this process. However, as Jane Posivy has already said, it is worthwhile. It is a quick study of what our club is all about, and what comes out of these sessions is really and truly put into action.

    There is a reason our club has been successful for almost 115 years. We are willing to examine ourselves, what works, what doesn't, how we should shape the club so it will thrive moving into the future. Be part of the process! Contact Gabby ( to RSVP.
Secretary's announcements:
  • reminders of upcoming events/meetings (see above)
  • birthdays, member club anniversaries, wedding anniversaries (see above)
Special announcements & Members' Moments:
  • Food on the Corner, a long standing volunteer opportunity for our club members. Gerry received 3,000 plastic spoons for them from Dan Gallant of the Rotary World Help group. That's how Rotary works -- one group supporting another.
  • Nathan Heskith, our club's liaison with the RC Van Sunrise Hoop-a-thon organizing committee, relayed that the event held last Saturday was a success. It was well attended, via ZOOM. An hour event with a lot of different players shooting hoops. They are on track for their fundraising goal of $35,000. The final numbers will be published soon. A video will be available to watch for those who missed the event.

    Time to hit those who pledged to pay up. Our representative scored 17 shots, so those who pledged, please calculate your pledge amount x17, up to your maximum pledge. A sincere thank you to everyone - the organizing committee, the donors, and the participants!!
  • A reminder that the District year ahead sessions are continuing. The membership sessions were last week. John Bathurst, Gerry Glazier, and Franz Gehriger attended. The next sessions are on youth. Even if you are not on the related committee, the content is very interesting. Highly recommend attending.

    May 5th (7:00PM) - Youth Programs and Rotaract

    Learn about RYLA, Interact, Youth Exchange programs and much, much more.  The District will be continuing its efforts to elevate Rotaract.  We know that we can learn more from Rotaractors in how to use technology, social media, virtual in-person meetings, fundraising and becoming more inclusive on community-based projects/events.

    Register in advance for this meeting, CLICK HERE.
  • Rotarian face masks are still available, $10 a piece. Contact Gabby or Carolyn to order.
Jack Zaleski introduced Broek Bosma, Chief Development Officer, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation. Broek leads all fundraising campaigns for the Foundation with one of the many small teams at St. Paul’s working to build the new hospital.
Firstly, Broek said, “Thank you!”  The club and the Rotary Hearing Foundation have made the massive commitment of raising $6M to be happily matched by the St. Paul’s Foundation, for a total of $12M.
The location of the new hospital is near Science World on 18.5 acres. The 1st phase alone is 1.4m square feet of acute care space.
What will happen with the old building? It was sold last August for approx. $1B to Concord Pacific Developments Inc. Every dollar of this will go into the build of the new site. The government’s contribution is approx. 50%, the rest needed is from the sale of the old building and the Foundation fundraising.
One thing to highlight is the courtyard space between building. It will be the 2nd largest gathering plaza in all of BC. The plan is to do something remarkable in that space.
The health care boulevard will be where you drop off patients. It will be set up like an airport, e.g., drop off at the nearest door to the services needed. Tremendous thought has gone into streamlining movement to areas needed.
There will be a number of really important tech advances in the new St. Paul’s. The command centre will be state of the art, the place where all data is collected. Every patient in the building will be tracked here. They will be the 1st to know of all medical alerts and will be able to quickly send in support. It’s a chance to leap into the 21st century of patient record care, one that will be fully embraced. Another of the advantages is being able to track patients with the correct technology even when they are back at home. If there is a medical emergency, then appropriate partners can be alerted.
The new hospital will increase from the current 400 beds to 555 beds, an increase of 155 beds. All beds will be single patient bedrooms. Will be digitally accessed. Patients will be able to control things such as lights, curtains from their bed. The new site will be 3x larger than current site.
A highlight: they will have automated guided vehicles that will pick up carts, e.g., meals, medications, linens. These vehicles will have their own dedicated elevators. These currently are running very successfully in Montreal.
The ambulatory care centre will be the busiest. It will be linked to the research centre (600K square foot site).
They have already passed the red line (the construction) with land now officially broken. The brush has been cleared; the construction crew building set up. On track, well so far, for the completion in 2026. The research tower is scheduled to open concurrently. PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. won the bid for construction of the main building. Jack Zaleski, Wilf Wassersleben, Stu Bird, and Nick Blom broke ground a few weeks ago.
There will be a new street, New High Street, that will connect to Station Street and Prior Street. The other existing streets in the area will remain the same.
The hospital has been designed with a lot of consideration for hearing, sight, and physical disabilities. One of the ideas is talking about how to soundproof the building so with regards to the neighboring rail yard, St. Paul’s is in discussion with the city to address possible noise issues. This may involve covering the rail yard making it a thoroughfare above it for walkers, though nothing concrete has been decided.
Phase 1 is the main hospital building, Phase II the Research Centre, and Residential Centre. Phase III the Expansion Centre. Office/research Centres, and Hotel will be included in Phase II. It will be a medical destination that will be able to make use of the hotel for visiting lecturers, potential employees, etc.
Everyone is very excited about what this new building will bring to Vancouver. It will change the area, the east side of Vancouver. Will have a large addiction and mental health resources to support locals in need of those services.
The sisters of providence in 1894 started St. Paul’s. CLICK HERE to read a bit about the history. One remaining sister, moved to Edmonton. Sister Anne remains on the society Board so is aware of all that is going on. The sisters are overjoyed with how the hospital has progressed.
There is ongoing consultation process with VGH to prevent overlap between the two centres. They are looking at how they work together, what services are shared and what are more prevalent in one or the other. E.g., St. Paul’s is the heart centre, VGH brain & stroke. VGH will keep & own trauma, whereas St. Paul’s has been specifically designed to provide detailed mental health services and addiction.
Dr. Jane Lea added that Dr. Westerberg & Jane do procedures at VGH for certain things. Collaboration occurs on an ongoing basis between the two facilities.
This is true for UBC as well. St. Paul’s is fully affiliated with UBC. UBC students are always at St. Paul’s, this will continue in the new location. Together they are trying to work out how to be a Phase III clinical trial site. UBC will have dedicated space at the new St. Paul’s in the main hospital and then also in the research building.
Finally, St. Paul’s is grateful for our relationship and partnership. Greetings and thanks also passed on from Dr. Brian Westerberg and Dr. Jane Lea.
Meeting adjourned with a toast to the tremendous relationship between St. Paul’s Hospital and Rotary.

May 07, 2021


Gerry Glazier, President   Gabby Dickert, Secretary