On May 18, 2019, Rotary World Help achieved a new milestone – shipping its 400th Container to Kiev, Ukraine.

Watch the video here: Rotary World Help - Medical Supplies Container to Kiev

Rotary World Help shipped their first container to Kiev over 25 years ago and since then have shipped medical supplies, education and sports equipment and disaster relief supplies to 60 international destinations including the Philippines, Uruguay, Chile, Sierra Leone, and Guatemala. As of September 2019, the number of people helped by Rotary World Help was over 12 million! In 2012, the organization passed its first major milestone when the estimated value of goods shipped passed the $100 million mark – as of September this year, that value was over $141 million.

Learn more about this dedicated organization and how you can help at Rotary World Help.

Container Loading – September 28, 2019 destined for Kiev, Ukraine, Riverview Lands