Youth Educational Programs

Computer Assisted Literacy Solution (CALS)
The Rotary Club of Vancouver (RCV) has supported an accumulated 300 students in seven schools with Rotary International’s Computer Assisted Literacy Solution (CALS) software since 2008 (US$80/student /year). CALS has provided award-winning Academy of Reading® and Academy of Math® software that have helped students gain one to five grade levels in one year. In the spring of 2012, RCV chose to give Academy of Reading® perpetual licenses to Nootka and General Brock elementary schools, so they would be able to help students with the Academy of Reading®, in perpetuity ( a value of $22,500).  Watch the Rotary and CALS video to hear moving testimonials from teachers, students and parents sharing how CALS has been so important to them. View theComputer Assisted Literacy Solution-A Growing Rotary Success Story PowerPoint to see how your club can start a CALS program!

For more information please see our press release here.


The Rotary Club of Vancouver Stay in School Program has made 2 x $7,000 awards each year for the last 3 years to qualifying grade 10 students at Gladstone Secondary School. Working with school counselors the program identifies students with potential for post secondary education who might not pursue it because of financial constraints. Students, who are selected, receive $1,000 during the high school years to fund activities that will enhance their applications for post secondary education. They will receive $1,500 per year for a maximum of 4 years to help defer expenses during their post secondary education.
Award recipients are paired with a Rotary member to enable ongoing consultation with the student to monitor their progress and ongoing qualifications for the award. It provides the student with a “sounding board” for educational and career opportunities.
We are receiving applications for our 4th year of the awards. Funding for the awards comes from the Rotary Club of Vancouver Foundation.


This program is a part of the Vancouver Rotary Club's "Adopt a School Program".
Norquay Elementary School is located in Vancouver. The program provides a hot/cold breakfast to 100-125 children daily. Those that can, pay a nominal amount. Rotary donates $6,000 a year.
This program has been offered at Norquay Elementary School since 1996. It is supported by the School, Rotary and the School PAC.


Again, this program operates at Norquay Elementary School in Vancouver. Every new child in grades K-3 receives a book to take home and keep. In addition, volunteers from the Rotary Club of Vancouver and others recruited by Rotary attend the school each week to do One-on-One reading with a child who needs special help.
This program has reached over 200-300 children every year since it commenced operation in 1998. Rotary donates $1000 a year. This program is totally operated by the Rotary Club of Vancouver. To read more about the program at Norquay School click here.


THRIVE at Nootka elementary school in east Vancouver is a Grade 4-7 classroom specifically suited to help one particular kind of student: those with dyslexia who seem to show lots of potential yet still end up falling behind their peers in key areas. The Rotary Club of Vancouver has supported THRIVE in the form of a $5000 donation that purchased a new iMac computer, learning resources, books and is helping to pay for their SMARTboard.