How Rotarians are making an impact at St. Paul's

As a generous Rotary Club supporter, we thank you for your contributions to St. Paul’s. Here are just some of the ways in which you make a real difference:

You create history…

In 1982, the first cochlear implant in BC was performed at St. Paul’s and the key supporter in this groundbreaking procedure being performed in our province—was the Vancouver Rotary Club! Fast-forward 30-plus years to a pivotal renovation project that included the installment of a new, state-of-the-art audiology booth and the acquisition of key equipment, such as a new surgical microscope, and we extend our profound thanks and gratitude once again to the Rotary Club and its generous and compassionate membership.

You create inspiring human stories…

Since childhood, David wanted to be a police officer. From protecting people to the respected uniform, he loved everything about it. As an adult, David pursued his dream.
But at the end of a grueling year-long admission program to be accepted into the Police Academy (a program at which he had excelled at all levels) David’s dreams were dashed by a hearing impairment he had sustained when he was seven years old. David had always considered this slight hearing loss a “nuisance,” a minor inconvenience. He was devastated to realize it would prevent him from getting into the Police Academy.
With little hope, David saw his doctor to see if anything could be done. He was referred to the Rotary Hearing Clinic at St. Paul’s and to Dr. Jane Lea, an otolaryngologist (Head and Neck) surgeon. Dr. Lea found that a tiny bone in David’s ear canal had been broken by the fall. She performed a procedure in which she inserted a prosthetic bone to replace the broken one. David’s hearing was restored, he was accepted to the Police Academy and passed with flying colours.
Today, three years later, David proudly walks his beat, serving and protecting us all.

Your leadership can…

As key supporters of St. Paul’s Foundation, we invite you to further your commitment to transform the future of care for patients with complex hearing disorders at the new St. Paul’s. The integrated health campus, located at Station Street, will be the first purpose-built research and teaching hospital in BC. The campus will be home to the new provincial hearing centre, led by Dr. Brian Westerberg and his team.
With your help, the new state-of-the-art hearing centre will attract the next generation of highly skilled medical practitioners in treating disorders of the ear, helping bring back the sounds of life to our patients.
To learn more about supporting the provincial hearing centre at the new St. Paul’s, please contact:
Suzanne Scott, PhD
Manager, Major Gifts
St. Paul’s Foundation
Phone: 604-806-9891