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Subject: Cool Facts About Rotary!
(Posted on Jan 18, 2013 at 10:57AM )

Today, the RCV is one of the leading, philanthropic clubs in BC with a long history of service. Working locally and globally to achieve great things alone and with partners, the RCV:

  • Established the Ice Capades Fundraiser which was the start of the Vancouver Rotary Club Foundation. The Foundation funds both local and international projects annually.

  • Was a Charter member of the Rotary World Help Network (RWHN), a network of 37 clubs in BC that have shipped hundreds of containers full of medical equipment, computers, books and other needed supplies valued at $95 million to third-world countries.

  • Began the RCV annual Bike-a-Thon, which over its 28 year history has raised over $2.2 million dollars, which lead to the establishment of the Rotary Hearing Foundation to support institutions and societies engaged in research and treatment of hearing disorders in BC, including the St. Paul’s Hearing Clinic in 1999.