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Subject: Cochlear Implant Anniversary
(Posted on Nov 23, 2012 at 04:12PM by Jack Zaleski)

Members of The Rotary Club of Vancouver were pleased to attend the 30th anniversary celebration of the first Cochlear implant performed at St. Paul's Hospital.

Rotary has a long history of supporting hearing advancements in our community. The largest gift the Rotary Hearing Foundation ever made was the $137,000 gift to St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation in 2005 for the purpose of remodeling and re-equipping the Rotary Hearing Clinic. The RHF funds were the catalyst which together with funds from two of St. Paul’s other sources funded this $370,000 improvement.
500 Cochlear Implants have been done in Canada and 150,000 World Wide to date.


Lucy Philpott was the first recipient in Canada on October 5th 1982.  The surgery was performed by Dr. Pat Doyle at St. Paul’s Hospital. Rotary Vancouver President Mary Laing was honored to meet her and her sister Irene Downey.


Deena Bergenham was the first Cochlear Implant patient at Children’s Hospital in 1988.  She was 5 years old. She attended the party with her son and grandfather. A photo of Deena in 1988 was in the Vancouver Sun photo gallery dedicated to this milestone (link below photo):

Rotary is proud to be a part of this historic anniversary. Here's to many more!
For a profile on two Cochlear recipients in an article by the Vancouver Sun, click the link below: