Paul Harris Award

D'Arcy Warner
June 17,2014

Today we are recognizing someone who has flown under the radar but has consistently contributed and performed outstanding work on behalf of our Rotary Club. He is a bit of an enigma. He is a very difficult person to get to know but is also one of the most likable people in the club. Despite some significant challenges in his life he never complains and carry’s on his responsibilities with accuracy, energy and passion.
D'Arcy has been a member of our club since 1997 he comes from the HR world and was also Past President of the SFU Alumni Association. He has chaired the World Community Service committee and excels at grant applications which as you all know can double the amount we are able to send to our international projects. He sat as the program committee chair. He sits on the board of, and is the perpetual Secretary for Rotary World Help. Dan Gallant calls him a very competent Secretary and a perfectionist and heaven help you if you want to challenge the minutes. He has sat on the RCV board and has also been Club Secretary in 2001. He wrote our Operations manual which is the key reference and guide to all board members of the club. He was the grants Chair for the District during the Future Vision pilot program which must have been a challenging assignment.
Apparently he is a multi-tasker as one laptop is not good enough you must have two. Of course I am talking about D'Arcy Warner. Who if given the chance will tell you he is a “really good guy” but I will tell you he is a “Really Great Rotarian” A dedicated man with a passion for doing what is right and doing it right and a hard worker in the causes we all strive to achieve.
When receiving the Paul Harris Fellow on June 17th D'Arcy confirmed his love for Rotary and especially the Rotary World Help which has now sent over 305 containers to third world countries totaling over $105,000,000.
D'Arcy accepted the award to a standing ovation.

D'Arcy is shown with his son David, his daughter-in-law Michelle and grandchildren Rebecca and Jack.