Our Newest Paul Harris Recipient

Bill Dauphinee

June 10, 2014

There are some members in our club who quietly day after day do an amazing amount of work for our Rotary Club. They may not make a big splash but they contribute tirelessly and selflessly that we almost take their efforts for granted. But I do not take these people for granted. I feel it is very important to acknowledge these individuals because they are often the heart and soul of our great club.
Our newest Paul Harris Fellow is a man that fits this bill.
He has been a member for 31 years and our Treasurer for 16 years. This means that he has had 16 years of board meetings even during tax……and golf season. If he attended 60% of board meetings, which is more than likely, that would have him contributing to our club through over 100 board meetings. The impact from his involvement is undeterminable but based on my time at the board I can honestly say he is always a voice of compassion and reason.
He is active annually in the Bike-a-thon, Curling and curling weekend and enjoys supporting every club event, auction and presidents event possible. He and his incredible family have entertained most of us with the clubs wonderful annual Christmas Caroling event. He enjoys having fun and living life while passionately giving back to our community through Rotary.
While being our treasurer he supervised our Secretary Pam for over 15 years and is what Pam lovingly describes as “the best boss she ever had”.
He has a deep sense of humour which I have been told he needs once you see his golf game.
At the board level he has provided great continuity and history as well as a balance of conservatism and optimism combined with deep commitment. He has very strong ethics and is honest to a fault.
He looks after the clubs finances as if they were his own; with care and attention to detail. He has successfully navigated our club through the economy of 2008 to which we have arrived as strong as ever.
He single handedly garnered one of the best media relationships our club has by stepping up with a wonderfully balanced letter to the Vancouver Sun and Gerry Bellett in regards to our breakfast programs and Norquay School
Fellow Rotarians Lets stand and congratulate Bill Dauphinee as our newest PHF.