Special Paul Harris Award

50 Year Members

April 29th, 2014


Charles Flavelle, Renu Fluri and Tremayne Perry

The Paul Harris award was created in memory of Paul Harris, who established the Rotary Club over 109 years ago, and is the highest recognition presented by the Rotary Club of Vancouver.  Its purpose is to acknowledge the outstanding contribution and exceptional service of members of both the Club and the community.

The “Paul Harris Fellow” designation (later to become “Paul Harris Fellow Recognition”) was created in 1957 to recognize the gift of $1000 US to the Rotary Foundation.  There were also several other awards including ones for $500 and $100 but they were subsequently discontinued.

The Rotary Club of Vancouver continues our tradition of recognizing the recipient for their contribution to our Club, the community and to the betterment of the world as a whole, with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.  This is truly service above self.

It is my pleasure, on your behalf, to make such a presentation today.

The recipients have a long history with our Club and have been involved in many aspects of the Club.  They have been active on many of our Committees, been a Director and also one of our Presidents.  They have been active in many of the social and fellowship events, both past and present, including and not limited to the former President’s Balls, the One-Day Ranch and The Windups at Sea.  They have participated in our fundraisers including Ice Capades, the auctions in their various forms over the years and the Bike-A-Thon.  They not only sold tickets, but also raised or donated money and items, promoted the events in the community and at their business, volunteering at the actual events in a variety of levels and also riding in the Bike-A-Thon.

They have also been a leader in their business community, insuring the success and longevity of their business.

On a personal note, our recipient has also been a long time friend and mentor to me both in business and personally.

Now this is a very special recognition today and one that is not likely to be duplicated.

If you feel like I have described a delicious pastry, covered in chocolate and served up on a tray made of 2x4’s… you would be right.
In recognition of their almost 150 years of continuous membership and contributions to the Rotary Club of Vancouver, on your behalf, I am very pleased to introduce our latest Paul Harris Fellows… Tremayne Perry, Charles Flavell and René Fluri who all joined our club 50 years ago.

Presented by Stu Bird