Cunningham Elementary School

Donation from the Rotary Club of Vancouver and Telus


It was a very moving meeting at Cunningham School on Dec 18th. The Rotary Club of Vancouver presented a cheque for $21,000.00 and Telus presented a cheque to top it off to the needed $50,000. When that happened you can see the look of shock and Joy on principal Joanne Dale. Even more moving was the head of the PAC who was openly weeping along with the principal. His son has autism and the funds will go to purchase i-pads so that the autistic children can communicate more easily. We had a chance to see the two classrooms dedicated to autistic children. The intermediate class has children who will probably never speak so the i-pads will make it faster for them to communicate. Right now they have to pick a laminated photo from the wall and bring it over to the child. Blair Trenholme, chair of the Community Services Committee, Stephanie Lawton and Gerry Glazier presented the cheque on behalf of our club.