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The Rotary Club of Vancouver's Annual Summer

Crab Feast & Live Auction Fundraiser 2012

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On June 15th 2012, at the Burnaby Lake's Rowing Pavilion The Rotary Club of Vancouver's Annual Summer Crab Feast & Live Auction Fundraiser are inviting 200 guests to join together to help raise funds for The Vancouver Rotary Club and its' charity to raise funds for to help kids across BC and their families  pay for the software upgrades and repairs needed to their cochlear implants so that they can stay in with their classmates at school, hear their friends and talk to their parents on the phone.
Please take 117 seconds to see the incredible response in this video of 2 year old Janelle Milne, being able to hear those around her that she loves, for the first time in her life:

If you are interested in being a Prize Donator or Sponsor of this event - please see our "PROMOTION PACKAGES" for this Fundraising Event for  your review and consideration. And Thank you.

Background of Charity Benefit:  While the Government of BC is very generous in helping to pay for the initial $30k to assist these terrific kids with their initial cochlear implants so as to allow the kids to hear for the first time in their lives, not everyone in BC who requires one, receives it at the time when they need it most as the wait lists are long.
In addition, the Government does not provide for a low-income subsidy for the $7-$10k repairs & upgrades that are required for these kids' cochlear implants every 5-10 years, so as to be able to hear their teachers and continue to stay in with their regular school classes, classmates and friends, not to mention being able to hear their loving families around them. More on The Rotary Club of Vancouver...  
Many thanks for your time, reading and consideration on behalf of this Benefit for the kids across BC who would love to hear the sound of your voice.
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the Crab Feast on Friday, June 15th!
We look forward to seeing you and your friends join in on the fun!  Tickets are  $45 - Call to purchase 604-685-0481 and click for seating reservations . 
Gratefully and with best regards
The Rotary Club of Vancouver & The Children across BC who we will assist.