Auction Details

Fundraising Auction


Fundraising Auction

The Rotary Club of Vancouver's

Crab Feast & Live Auction Fundraiser 

2012 Organizing Committee & Friends


Live Auction & Crab Feast
Organizing Committee

Left to Right:  Lincoln Chung, Tess Lawson, John Hayto, Kenneth Cho, Melody Cheung, Wayne Fraser, Robert Pryer.  
Regrets: Kaz Kadona, Robert Bidner, Chris Redcliffe, Theodore Tonca


Friends of the Live Auction & Crab Feast



1963 Lougheed Highway Coquitlam, BC 
Tel: 604-521-3369
Able Auctions - Thank you to Able Auctions and Jeremy Dodd for sponsoring Live Auctioneer 
services by  Tyler Olsen.

Tyler Olsen
- Auctioneer

The Vancouver Sun - Thank you to the Vancouver Sun for providing all of the Sunday Vancouver Sun's comic section of the newspaper for this year's tablecloths!

1300 Robson Street, Vancouver BC 
Tel: 604-684-8461
The Listel Hotel - Thank you to The Listel Hotel and Kaz Kadona, GM of the Listel Hotel for providing this year's Crab Feast with the salads for the Buffet table.

Next Phase Strategy - Thank you to Ullrich Schade and his Next Phase Strategy for providing graphic work for this fundraiser

Vancouver Graphics Group - Thank you to Evan Clow and the Vancouver Graphics Group for providing graphic work for this fundraiser

Ahorn TV - Thank you to Mass Abedi and Ahorn TV for providing video and photography services for this fundraiser.

Sue McFarlane - Thank you to Sue for providing photography work for the fundraiser.

Rona Home and Garden Grandview - Thank you to Rona for providing plastic table covering for this event.

Rona - Mack Foster Building  - Thank you to Rona for providing plastic buckets for this event.

Army & Navy  - Thank you to Army & Navy for providing fishing rods for the Fishing Game Prizes.